What is the birthstone for May? A guide to the gemstone’s meaning, symbolism and more.

If you were born in May, or are looking for information or a gift for someone who was, you definitely want to know the birthstone for May.

People born in May can have one of two astrological signs: Taurus (born between May 1 and May 20) or Gemini (born between May 21 and May 30). The lily of the valley and hawthorn also represent those born in May.

But what about May’s birthstone?

Each month has its own gemstone. Here’s what you need to know about May’s birthstone, including its history, symbolism, meaning and more.

May birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for May.

This gem comes in a range of hues from vibrant green, yellowish-green to green-blue. Given its name, an emerald’s green color is quite fitting. Emerald derives from the ancient Greek word “smaragdos,” which means “green gem.”.

Emeralds are mined in Colombia. In fact, the country has been a source for emeralds for over 500 years. According to the Geological Institute of America, Colombian emeralds are seen as the standard to compare to. Other countries and continents that mine emeralds include Brazil, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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What color is my birthstone?Learn which gemstone represents each month and what it means.

The gemstone has held a special spot among royalty. It is believed Cleopatra had an affinity for emeralds and used them in her jewelry. The famous Crown of the Andes, created to adorn a statue of the Virgin Mary, contains 450 emeralds. The emerald has even been called “the jewel of kings.”.

Throughout the centuries, emeralds were believed to have healing powers. Physicians from different cultures used the gemstone against poison and infection. Some still believe that if you wear an emerald, it will make you more intelligent and quick-witted.

Besides being the birthstone for May, emeralds are often given as gifts for the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

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