What are the memories of Takako Tokiwa’s “Banpla”? “The more troubles increase, the more the liver gets.” (GQ JAPAN)

Triumph is also a longing for one

Actor Takako Tokiwa likes classic cars. In the first part, she wrote about the Porsche “356”, who had longed for her. In fact, this time, I also prepared a prestigious British brand, Triumph, with Tokiwa’s hope. It is 1979 two -door coupe “Spitfire”. Why Triumph? “Isn’t there a body color peculiar to Triumph? That looks very fashionable to me.” This spitfire was a deep green. Tokiwa said, “It’s a very nice body color. (Unlike Porsche 356), Triumph was one I wanted to ride when I was younger, but I missed the timing a little.” It was the first time today. I see. That’s why Tokiwa’s eyes looked in the details were shining. Compared to the Banden Plastic “Princess”, which has been riding for many years, is commonly known as “Banpla”? “There may be some closer places. It’s similar to interior design. Speaking of which, the key chain on the key was the same. I was impressed that this was the same.” It was a brand owned by British Layland in 슬롯머신사이트 the UK. Therefore, there were common parts. It is convinced that Tokiwa’s “similar” says. By the way, British Leyland also had 10 brands, including the still remaining jaguar, Land Rover, and Austin, MG, and Rover. However, with many competitors in class models, there were many quality problems, and the management condition worsened. Later, although multiple brands were organized and abolished, and alliance with Honda was improved, in 2005 it disappeared due to the bankruptcy of the final surviving company. Tokiwa -san, who got into the car, started the engine with the same familiar hand with 356. “It’s a British car of the same age when there is a switch that is familiar to Banpla. I miss the seating comfort of the seat!” “It’s different from 356. I like the touch of the accelerator and brakes and the weight of the handle.”

The first year I visited Monaco was in the summer of 2008. Her wife was invited to an art exhibition hosted by Monaco’s charity Gem Luke, where she had a chance to see the luxurious Monaco where the rich people around the world lived. Monaco is a very small country with a population of 3.80,000 and a total area of ​​only 2.02 km2. It is located between France and Italian borders 30 km east of Nice, the Mediterranean Coastal City, southern France. It has a stable foundation, which is close to a gentle climate, a safe society, a crime rate and an unemployment rate of 0%throughout the year. Politically, it is called the kingdom because the king is governed by the king, but it is an independent state, but in many ways, such as defense and 카지노게임사이트 economy, it exists under the protection of France.

In 2008, there was no direct flight to Toronto – I arrived at Nice Airport through Paris. At the airport, I took a taxi and ran a steep mountain trail for about 30 minutes and crossed the hill. The endless S -shaped roads and the fantastic port city at the end came in at a glance.

Monaco comes to mind. James Bond is the main character of football player Park Joo -young, American actress Grace Kelly and 007 films. Park Joo -young played well from 2008 to 2011 at the Monaco Soccer Team and is introduced in Wikipede as a star player for the Monaco soccer team.

Grace Kelly appeared as a bride of the male protagonist Gary Cooper in the 1950s West Movie High snow. The last scene of the film ends when Gary Cooper defeats all the villains in a duel with the villain and puts the bride Grace Kelly in a carriage and leaves her honeymoon. And in 1956, Grace Kelly left Hollywood to marry Monaco’s Prince Lenier. In the 1950s, Monaco was not luxurious unlike now, and politics and social base were weak. Prince Rainier, who was unmarried at the time, was in a fate of merger with France if he could not produce his children in many years. Prince Rainier, who was looking for her right bride, met Grace Kelly, who attended the French Cannes Film Festival in 1955, and in 1956, the following year, the wedding of the century was held in Monaco. To celebrate this wedding, they dispatched warships in the United States, France, and Italy, and three huge warships in the Monaco port escorted the kingdom. After marriage, Grace Kelly (the official title is Princess Grace Kelly), Monaco’s vulnerable education, medical, economy, and social foundation, and Monaco was built as a confident country in Europe. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 53 in a 1982 car accident. But she is still praised by the people who came to Monaco as a hero who saved her poverty. In fact, her statue is built all over Monaco.

The 007 James James James Casino Royale, which was screened in 2006, was based on Casino Royale, a gambling building in Monaco’s center of Montekalo. The building is equipped with an advanced air conditioning system that can control temperature, humidity and oxygen supply to provide a perfect and comfortable gambling game environment. It is said to be a system that is made to avoid fatigue no matter how long played the game. It runs 7 days a day from 2 pm to 4 am, and you can often see Hollywood and European star actors and singers on weekends. In front of the casino, there are luxury cars like Rolls -Royce Bentley, and super sports cars such as Ferrari, Ramboini and Astin Martin (007 James Bond). It is owned by casino customers and car dealers are displayed for advertising. Another famous attraction of Monaco is the F1 car race. The F1 race was over the day before we arrived. It was a pity that I played a race that would have a chance in my life.

As I walked along the Monaco Street, I felt like a lot of money, such as luxurious buildings, parks with thorough care, road conditions. There were no homeless people or begging in European cities, and many surveillance cameras were installed everywhere. I heard that the number of police officers is over 500, which is much higher than the proportion of population. How well the security is in the experience of three women’s painting with the opening of the exhibition. I played the game late at the casino and stopped by a nearby restaurant. I was just ignoring it, but after a few minutes, the police were dispatched and dragged out. She said she was dispatched while watching the guest’s actions through the surveillance camera in front of the restaurant.

On the day of the exhibition, he was slowly climbing the hills to go back to the gallery near the casino at the downtown of the Monaco coast. Monaco has hills with hills, except for the coast. When I came near the casino, more than dozen tourists were taking pictures. I stopped for a while and looked at a casino building about 30 meters from the roadside (the pointed roof building in the picture), and a man wearing sunglasses on a black suit with the back door of the building. At the moment, my mischief was triggered and shouted “Hey Mr. Bond.” The man stopped and turned his head towards me, and tourists around me gathered together, and Wear Is Mr. Bond? Wei Ishu? And after work, everyone after all. . I burst into laughter. At that short moment 007 James Bond was a real figure in people’s minds.

This small happening made Monaco a memorable tourist destination and led my footsteps in 2019.

Monaco is called Principality, not Country. King Monaco is not officially king but a private. The reason is in the history of the French king as a self -government, not an independent state.

Principality: The Principal or the Hui -nation refers to a country in which the monarchy of the monarch is translated as a duke, a marquise or a marquise. There are two words in English, Duchy Dutch [*] and Principality Principal Liti [*] (→ Duke, Prince). It is also a word