Video premiere: Chris Mills’ ‘Castaways’

Here's the cover of Chris Mills' upcoming album, 'Alexandria.'

Back when I was living in Chicago, it was a really special time for music: Neko Case was knocking us out with her inimitable pipes. Wilco was preparing to record the awe-inspiring Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. And Chris Mills could often be found singing his heart out as well, often on the same stage with these acts, the Mekons and Kentuckians My Morning Jacket.

In January Mills will release Alexandria, his first new album in five years, with backing band the Distant Stars. If the first single, Castaways is any indication, it’s gonna be a great one.

Today I’m honored to debut the video for Castaways, a song that feels more heartfelt, and even cinematic, every time I hear it. I asked Mills to tell me a little about the song, and here’s what he said. (And yep, like me, life took Mills from Chicago to New York several years ago. Funny how that happens.).

The song is about wanting to revisit and change the past. I think sometimes we feel like our current circumstances would be different if we could just go back in time and fix something. Like something better would be waiting in the distance if we could ‘correct’ things that had happened in the past.

At the time I wrote the song my family was in crisis, and we were desperately waiting for something good to come over the horizon, but we knew that things were completely out of our hands. The video was shot with my friend Andrew Benedict in my Brooklyn rehearsal studio. Because the band on the album lives all over the world, we used look-a-likes from my touring band. Oddly, they look vaguely similar — like some alternative universe version of the actual band.

Enjoy, and feel free to listen to it at least once with your eyes closed:.

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For more info, tour dates and the like, head to chrismillsmusic.Com, @chrismillsmusic and chrismillsmusic.Bandcamp.Com.

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