TV tonight: ‘Speechless,’ ‘Gleason’ debut on Amazon


Maya (Minnie Driver) struggles as Kenneth takes over as JJ's full-time aide in 'Speechless.'

As is usual for this time of year, there aren’t many worthy new programs on tonight besides outside of football — and this acclaimed documentary about New Orleans Saints defensive back Steve Gleason. Diagnosed with ALS at age 34 and given just a few years to live, Gleason set out to live those years to the fullest, as you’ll see in this film, shot over a four-year period.

American HousewifeABC, 9 ET/PT.

This comedy starring Katy Mixon as an out-of-place suburban housewife had a fairly terrible pilot — so terrible, you may have stopped watching. But over the course of the fall, it did improve, as in witness this funny outing built around her determination to get her daughter invited to a party. The show still isn’t perfect: There are too many cheap fat jokes, and the kids could use a few more moments where they display more than their one assigned comedy trait. But Mixon is reliably great, and the show built around here is at least getting better.

SpeechlessABC, 9:30 ET/PT.

No such improvements were needed at Speechless, which has proven to be the the best — and best-cast — new broadcast series of the fall. This week, the show repeats its excellent second episode, as Maya fusses over JJ while Jimmy teaches Ray the difference between being an “idiot” and a “jerk.”.

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