The name Rivermore comes to mind when you want to leave the market and leave the market

Is there any investor who lived a dramatic life than Jesse Rivermore in the world? Jesse Rivermore was a rebel with Jesse Rivermore, who borrowed novel format, and was still in the Great Depression, which is still said in the population. . This is nearly twice as high as Buffett’s 27%. What a great record is that the first dollar he invested was over $ 10 million after 37 years. What will happen if he lends $ 10 in 1892 in a time machine and asks him to return his wealth with this money? Once again, he can get $ 100 million in a time machine before 29 years of the Great Depression. He did not invest in 29 years, so after that, only his bank interest rate should be determined. Then twenty times more. In other words, it will increase to $ 5 billion by 2022. If he could be called $ 5 billion to his children and grandchildren, he would be honest if he died right away. I just feel happy just by thinking. It’s amazing about Jesse Rivermore, and one of these world history’s best investors ended his life with suicide. The dream of Yang So -yu, who is Sungjin in the Bilan Mong and Bakunmong, is the life of Rivermore. Even the world’s best investors could not avoid suicide for the final destination of depression.

Jesse Rivermore was not a value investment in long -term investments like Buffett, but a trader who owned stocks for a while. Traders are actually gambling. He showed his skills in gambling, and in fact, he was banned from all the casinos he visited. He 바카라카지노 won all the bets he did in his life. He is only in betrayal of his life.

He was not a two -common characteristic, a Jewish, nor a good university or an MBA from Wall Street. He was a high school dropout as a soil -soo born in a poor family. Stop high school and you were on the farm to get my job or help. He doesn’t like farming, so he receives $ 5 per week when he is 14 years old and learns a stock broker beyond his shoulder at a securities firm. Although his bag straps were short, his mathematical computational ability and memory were really excellent. He quickly learned the mechanism of stocks, and he, as George Soros did, analyzed the macro economy and applied the so -called danta by applying it to the supply and demand of stocks. The principle was one. Reducing losses and dragging profits as long as possible. He also had a canal account twice. The can account is not the end of life. I wonder if a sad case was arrested in Daegu, killing seven people due to failure to invest 600 million today. In fact, he is not what he learns from his life itself, not the wisdom of investment. When he enjoyed his life, he lived as a foam foam with an endless temperament. He at that time he had many of the best cars, Rolls Royce, and as often as a lot of money, he divorced twice and married three times. He indulged porn, and he lived as a rich man in the age of frenzy, far from moral rich like Buffett. In that time, such a life could have been the right answer. At that time, he traveled by train, before the plane was popularized, and he had a dedicated train and a track. He left a lot of sayings, while his life should be a teacher, but as an investor, some of the phrases of the villagers are worth remembering. I remember these two sentences among the many sayings he left.

“The biggest enemy of investors is boredom that sees inside.”

“The market is never wrong. It is a person’s opinion that is wrong. ”

The first sentence is that Korean ants, especially Samsung’s stocks, have been suffering from boring boxes since July 2021. Originally, KOSPI was a boredom of an unbearable box, and it seemed to be transformed after Corona for a while, and I went back to the original. After all, forces and foreigners want. Do not confront the market and fight with boredom. That is patience. Patience is a virtue emphasized by all great investors. And if you add one thing here, it’s a teaching that you don’t face the market right away. To endure boredom and comply with the market seems to be contradictory, but it’s the same story. Don’t confront the market, read the market trend and match the direction of the market. Once you decide, it’s a teaching to believe in yourself, to feel thrilling, and go forward. If you don’t want to live like Jesse Rivermore, but you want to make money like Jesse Rivermore, please read his electricity.

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