Teen shoots deer that busted into house

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Ryan Manchester said he was eating cereal in his kitchen when he heard what sounded like a sledge hammer.

The Frederick, Md., Teenager says he thought someone was trying to break into his home Dec. 5. Instead he found himself facing a full-grown deer that had broken through the door and was damaging the house.

Manchester said called his father and 911 before getting his father’s gun and shooting the animal between the eyes from behind his living room couch.

Before shooting the deer, he recorded video that shows the it trying to escape, knocking over the family’s Christmas tree and causing other damage.

Manchester said he feared for himself and his dog.

“It was right here and I shot it,” he said, “then it gave me a total deer-in-headlights look and I just aimed right between the eyes and shot it.”.

Manchester says he doesn’t regret the decision to shoot the deer, but state Department of Natural Resources officials say that in a similar situation, it’s best to try to open a door or window and the deer would likely escape.

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Manchester said it was the first deer he has ever killed. He said he gutted the deer and is also having it mounted.

Contributing: The Associated Press.

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