Target shoppers spooked: Your Say

As Target tries to rally from a data breach, customer traffic in stores and online fell to a three-year low in January. Letter to the editor:.

Target’s chief financial officer, John Mulligan, testifies today before a U.S. Senate committee.

Target’s loss of customers might be more than disgust over the data breach (“Target sees drop in customer visits after breach”).

I was at my local store the morning I read your article. The place was bustling with shoppers. At the checkout, three of 24 registers were open, and the customer queue was backing up. I asked a manager if they could open another line. He said without any direct eye contact, “That’s all we have.” Really now. The company should understand that this sort of customer service also will drive away business.

Bruce G. Levitta; Phoenix.

Comments from Facebook are edited for clarity and grammar:.

I just visited Target.Com’s wedding registry to buy a gift. Uneasy about security, I cut and pasted the product description into Amazon.Com and ordered from there. I’m feeling pretty good about my purchase.

— Ken Nottingham.

Target probably will have some of the best data security now because of this breach and likely will be a safer place to shop than other big box retailers. I will continue to shop at Target.

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— Rob Lehnhoff.

When I buy at Target now, it is cash only. It’s more difficult, but I won’t use my cards at Target again.

— Gwen Romine.

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