Student fails miserably at graduation ceremony back flip

Students walk during the Davenport University commencement. Everything is normal until one grad receives his diploma and attempts a back flip.

Grand Rapids, Mich. — College graduation ceremonies are long and sometimes dull, but Davenport University’s commencement had a gasp-worthy moment.

Robert Jeffrey Blank, attempted a back flip on stage after receiving his diploma in front of hundreds of people Sunday afternoon.

But Blank’s gymnastics attempt in a graduation gown didn’t go as planned and he landed face down on the stage, drawing a stunned reaction from the crowd and others on stage.

A woman announcing the graduates’ names can be heard saying “Oh, OK. I don’t know, I don’t know! We’re just going to give it a minute…”.

Aside from some embarrassment, Blank was not hurt and he walked off stage as the ceremony continued and the crowd laughed.

You can watch Blank’s back flip fail beginning at the 3:00:00 mark.

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