“[Spoiler attention] Consider the hint explanation of the movie” Identity “. ]

Continuous bizarre murder. This end destroys the brain …



(2003) American movie

11 people trapped in a motel by Arashi. Under extreme circumstances, prisoners undergoing escapes and begins to be killed by one person. Former detective Ed (John Cusac) cooperated with criminal road (Ray Riotta) to search for the culprit, but the prisoners with the culprit and the stars were also found as a corpse. While everyone who has been left becomes suspicious, it turns out that they have something in common. On the other hand, at the same time, a reexamination of a bizarre murder demon who had just before the death penalty was 코인카지노 being held. The same thing is the same for that man …

When the two incidents were connected to one, the last of unimaginable shock was waiting!

Director James Man Gold

Screenplay Michael Couney

Produced Cathy Conrad

Production General Conducted Stuart Bessor

Music Alan Sylvestri

Shooting Fedon Papa Michael

Editorial David Brener

John Cuzak (Ed)

Ray Riotta (Road)

Amanda Pete (Paris)

John Hawks (rally)

Rebecca Demonay (Caroline)

Claire Duval (Ginnie)

William Lee Slot (Lou)

John C. Mugginley (George York)

Leila Kensuru (Alice York)

Brett Lowa (Timmy York)

Jake Visie (Robert Maine)

Plutt Taylor Vince (Marcom Reverse)

Alfred Molina (Dr. Malic)

Holmes Osbourne (Judge Taylor)


Stuck on a stormy night

I happened to escape to the motel

11 men and women

One person is killed again.

Stormy night

Closed circle horror.

Before watching this in another work

While the name is raised if it resembles XX

Because there was this work

Even if the surprising facts are found late in the game,

Oh oh,

So is it similar to XX?

I saw it calmly.


I wonder if this will end

Where was completely careless

A super -don return was waiting.

Yeah, was it like this?

I’m surprised.


I was completely deceived

I will evaluate quite high.

Even the degree of return is quite high.

Trying to find out what kind of movie

Don’t look at Wikipedia.

There is a spoiler completely.

Many people are killed

Blood came out,

The last aftertaste is also bad

I personally recommend it.

The head in the drum type washing machine is

Be careful as it is quite trauma.

★★★★★ The surprise of the criminal

★★ ☆☆☆ Crime Trick

★★★★ ☆ The fun of the story

★★★★★ The sophistication of the hints

★★★★★ Return

Every time you can laugh-

Horror ○

Etch degree-

Every time I can cry-

Comprehensive evaluation (10 points)

9.5 points

* There is a spoiler from here.

Spoilers that can be understood in 1 minute

○ Victims — ● Motivation [weapons]

① Caroline — ● Timmy — hatred [Sashimi: Knife]

② Lou — ● Timmy — hatred [Stabs: Knife]

③ Robert Main — ● Timmy — Hate [Sashimi: Bat]

④ George York — ● Rally — accident [Collision death: Car]

⑤ Alice York — ● Timmy — hatred [suffocation: Hand]

⑥ Ginny — ● Timmy — hatred [Explosion: Car]

⑦ Rally — ● Road — Sealed mouth [Shooting: Gun]

⑧ Road — ● Ed — Defense means [Shooting: Gun]

⑨ Ed — ● Road — Sealed mouth [Shooting: Gun]

⑩ Paris — ● Timmy — hatred [Killing: San claws]

⑪ Dr. Malick — ● Malcolm Reverse — Hate [Hanging: Hands and Chains]


The 11 people gathered in the motel

Personality of death row prisoner Marcom Reverse.

In his multiple personality

There is a murderer personality

Ed will search for the culprit.

Ed suspects load

He died in opposition,

Paris’s personality remained.

The judges who confirmed it were

Stop Marcom’s death penalty.

However, what remained

He wasn’t just Paris.

Timy, who seemed to have died

He appears and kills Paris,

Hijacking Marcom

I attacked the doctors being transferred …


The return of this work is

There are two things, “situation” and “true culprit”.

First, explain from the “situation”.

The motel of the storm does not exist,

Marcom Reverse

It was an event in my head.


Marcom Reverse

With “dissociative identity disorder”

The 11 people gathered

It was a visualization of his 11 personality.

This story is

“Arashi Motel” and “Retinement of Prisoners”

It is progressing at the same time in two places,

“Arashi no Motel” is in “consciousness (dream)”

“Remonstration of death row prisoners” is “reality”.

Marcom Reverse, a death row prisoner.

He is in herself

He had 11 personality.

One of that personality manipulates him,

He killed six people four years ago

He has been sentenced to death.

Which personality in him is a murderer

To identify

The lawyer has his personality

Collect in one place

I killed my personality.

11 personalities collected in the motel.

(1) Employed driver (former detective) Ed.

② Actress Caroline.

③ Prostitute Paris.

④ Her newlywed husband Lou.

⑤ Newlywed’s wife, Ginny.

Three parents and children.

⑥ Father George, ⑦ Mother Alice, ⑧ Son Timmy.

⑨ Motel’s master rally.

⑩ Criminal road.

⑪ Prisoner Robert Maine underdolling.

What makes them think they are real

Become a mislead.

The most common visualization of this different personality is

I couldn’t see anything other than myself,

It is a pattern,

In this work

① In addition to visualization and visual viewers,

② Because everyone is aware that they are visible

There is no doubt that it is another personality.

“Arashi Motel” and “Retinement of Prisoners”

What seems to be an event on the same night

③ Both are raining outside the storm outside.

Of “dissociative identity disorder”

About hints

With the tape recorder at the beginning

It is presented.

Their connections

The birthday of May 10th.

With Dr. Marick’s tape recorder at the beginning

① Marcom

“May 10 is my birthday,” he says.

Ed said that Ed was born in May

At the end of Paris at the end of the game

Finally, the common features of everyone are found.

This “it was actually a multiple personality”

Some people are disappointed like a dream.

And if it wasn’t real

It doesn’t make sense to murder

Anything may be better.

But this movie does not end there

After understanding this rule

In the remaining personality

Find a murderer who killed 4 years ago

It is excellent to be developed in “search for criminals”.

And the last 2 minutes

“The true culprit” appears.

Fake criminal road and Ed died,

Only Paris’s personality remained.

The judge confirmed that the murderer’s personality has disappeared,

He decides to cancel Marcom’s death penalty.

In the Orchard in Florida

Paris grows the long -awaited orange.

She casually digs the soil

It should have finished

The room plate “1” appears.

This is no way …! ?

What Paris, who looked back, saw

A boy with a three -claw hoe.

The true criminal

It was a child Timy.

What a terrible truth …

Timy is a child

Normally, no one thinks as a criminal.

④ Mis -leading is a strong child.

After that

⑤ He is good at death.

I want him to remember well.

I couldn’t confirm the corpse

There are two people.

Ginny and Timmy.

These two people died (thought)

Immediately after the explosion accident

It is said that all the corpse disappears

A mysterious phenomenon is occurring.

For that purpose

It was treated as a death without confirming.

In quick succession

We arrived at the mystery of May 10th birthday,

At this point, 11 people in the motel

It was said that each personality of multiple personality was

It reveals the first don -dendo.

Timmy completely with this impact

He became no mark.

Suspicious is a road detective

Everyone is misleaded.

Mislead that suspects load

⑥ The “room key” is powerful.

The killed person

“10”, “9”, “8” …

It is held in order,

“10” is the key to the road room

I also picked up the room key of “8”

It is also a road that picked up the room key of “6”.

“7” is a road

I took it out of George’s pocket

He looks like he put it in and out.

It is a hint and a mislead

⑦ There is a hole on the back of the road shirt

The vacant

It makes him decisive.

⑧ Actually the road is

Isn’t he dead? As

Remember the punch of a certain movie

It seems that there was also a aim to misunderstand.

(From the commentary of the scriptwriter)

⑨ Prisoners under obedation

He also makes him think he’s a prisoner

One of the misleads.

He has a different face, so he gets bald right away.

Mislead that makes the rally suspicious

⑩ The main voice of the tape recorder at the beginning

My mother is a prostitute and becomes a motel

There is a trauma left behind,

Because she doesn’t like the prostitute

I guess he is the same person as the person at the beginning

He makes me think.

Hint explanation

Next, analyze the hint.

10 people with some commonalities

A novel killed one after another

② “And nobody is gone”

What Ginny said

For those who know the content, it will be a hint.

In serial murder

The criminal kills himself

How to distract the suspicion

It is called “Balston Gambit”.

The culprit of this movie

He is treating himself as death.

If you pay attention to the movement of the child

Various suspicious movements

I know he is doing it.

③ When her mother Aaris was repelled by her car

Because she was away from the window

She was imitated and repelled Alice.

She tried to kill it strikingly.


She is complaining,

④ The moment the lightning shines,

A person outside the window!
• that’s right. Timy is aiming. She was very scared when she noticed this.

⑪ Timmy is just before this

Because she’s sleeping soundly

I don’t think she’s going out.

Steal her father’s eyes

It is a mystery how to get out.

⑤ Before killing Lou,

I’m in the bathroom alone.
• My mother always accompanies Timmy’s toilet. She seems to take time because she can’t do it alone. It’s time to go to murder.

⑥ The scene where Father George dies.

He deliberately jumped out in front of the rally car

George who comes with “Dangerous!”

Let the car repost it.

⑦ Before killing her mother Aaris

She is standing and disappearing.

She later looked at Alice’s corpse


She hates trying to cry.

She kills me

Great before.

When killing Ginny by blasting

Where to leave the flame in the background

He is uselessly cool and laughing.

Other than Timmy

It is said that the road is a fake detective

There is a light don

There is also a hint.

⑧ The prisoner is on the road

The one who said, “You don’t have a mess.”

I thought he had escaped

It means that you can’t escape.

⑨ Do not use radio,

Even if you approach Paris to pick up

He is not a criminal.

Listed in the mislead above

⑩ The hole on the back of the shirt

Evidence of a false detective.

Above all

Ray Riotta’s face is a bad face

He doesn’t look like a detective.

Frequently questioned questions

Q, Caroline in the car

What is the agent she was talking about on the phone?

Actually I was playing with Paris

He seems to be a middle -aged man.

(From the commentary of the scriptwriter)

He put a cake on his belly.

Q, if each person’s personality is first met

Why is Ed as an actress driver?

That is a doctor’s suggestion

It seems to be “assembled”.

In other words, Ed and Caroline are originally

Both Ginny and Lou had no connection.

Because I don’t have time to execution

It seems that doctors made them into couples and other couples.

(From the commentary of the scriptwriter)

Q, When Ginny and Lou enter Room 6,

Lou kicks the door

Is it meaningful that “6” became “9”?

Lou who kicks the door


“9” room key

I was killed and killed.

And there is no room key

Ginny has been killed in the 6th.

Q, prisoner Robert Maine

If he thought he fled from the motel

Again near the motel

Why did he return?

It’s here

A mysterious space.

I can’t escape even if I try to escape.

The cemetery of the indigenous people comes out

Although it implies spiritual power

Ginny is a ghost work

It’s the one to make a reminder

Just a mislead.

Q rally leaves her place

Why did she go to the office?

He hid the corpse in the freezer

There was no key even if I wanted to lock it.

So he in the office

While returning to see if there was no padlock

The prisoner in the cafeteria is killed

He was dressed in a murdered wet clothes.

Q, Lou Iziana

Like Paris Nevada

Her name is the name of the American state

What does it mean?

To their personality

There is no name from the beginning.

I didn’t have a birthday

Dr. Malick is the name of the state

May 10th birthday

It is planted in them.

The purpose is

To this mysterious commonality

Call the person who noticed in reality,

To kill the murderer’s personality.

Q, Marcom is a man

Finally, if the personality of Paris (female) remains

Do doctors have doubts?

Do you think he will be stable with a woman’s personality?

If he says that

You will be blamed by the okama in the world.

The body is a man and the contents are a woman.

It’s certainly inconvenient

He was a dead person after 19 hours.

Because he escaped the death penalty

Just alive.

Finally, no matter who remains

It ’s my emotions

Because I’m another person

Even if Paris remains

I think you can live well.

Q, Timmy doesn’t speak a word

Doctors and judges

Did you not notice the existence of your child?

No, I’m aware.

“We are tonight

I saw the death of 10 people. “

Because the lawyer is saying

Paris remains at the end

I think the other 10 people have disappeared.

Of course Timmy is with Ginnie

I think he is dead.

Q, There is a 12th person in the event in the brain.

Police who had transferred two murderers

(A person who is deprived of costumes later).

If that is the 12th personality,

Why didn’t he reach the motel?

If you put it in

The master in front of the motel

My father who slept in Paris

You have to put it in the number.

It is not like that

Personality by doctor’s treatment

To collect in the “Arashi Motel”

I instructed Marcom.

That is,

The person who came here,

Only those who can’t get out

It will be another personality of Marcom.

Q, did Marcom kill Dr. Marick?

In the outline of Wikipedia

Unfortunately with a doctor

Another man seems to have killed.

The writer

It is said that it is the last murder.

Collect your personality in one place

The one who killed each other

I’m a Dr. Marick.

Finally from Marcom Reverse

The personality that should have died

The one who came back to kill the doctor

It was the end of the causal retribution.

Why is the child the culprit?

Why did you play the child as the criminal?

I think this is the most common question.

Director James Man Gold

He says in his audio commentary:

Commentary of Michael Couney, a scriptwriter.

This boy named Timmy

Mother Alice’s child

He was abused by his former father.

She remarried George two years ago

He has no open heart to anyone.

He doesn’t speak at the motel.

In the United States

With dissociative identity disorder

The number of patients is increasing.

Many of them

It seems to be due to childhood abuse.


As a result of being damaged by my heart

Separate emotions and memories

It seems to form a different personality.

The boy’s personality

It is the original figure of Marcom,

To the existence of other personality

If you are the only person you are aware of

Finally, Timy remains

He is also convinced that he is the culprit.

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