Small plane hits SUV in landing at Texas airport

This frame-grab is from a video, broadcast by WFAA-TV, that taken by the wife of the pilot of a small plane who clipped an SUV at the end of the runway at a regional airport in Roanoke, Texas, on Saturday.

A small plane flown by a pilot making his first solo round-trip flight collided with an SUV at the end of the runway at a regional airport in North Texas, shocking both the occupants of the vehicle and the pilot, WFAA-TV reports.

The crash in Roanoke, Texas, on Saturday was caught on video by Kandy Davis, wife of the pilot, William Davis.

Frank and Heather Laudo, who were in the SUV, told WFAA that the collision was a total surprise.

“We couldn’t see anything at all, and then …. All of a sudden … Equipment was falling into the car,” Heather said.

On the video, they are heard telling airport manager Glen Hyde, who rushed to the scene, that something fell and “hit our car.”.

“That is the landing gear,” Hyde responded. “You got hit by a plane.”.

Hyde told WFAA that the couple was familiar with the road “and the video speaks for itself: They didn’t stop at the STOP painted on the road.”.

Davis, the pilot, who was only four weeks away from receiving his pilot’s license, saids he has decided to give up flying.

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WFAA reported that Northwest Regional airport has tried to buy the property where the private roadway exist, but the owner has declined to sell.

Hyde said he had asked the FAA to step in and help work out a plan with the owner to place flashing lights and more visible stop signs.

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