Sip something a little sweeter with Drink Simple Organic Maple Water

Drink Simple makes organic maple water that is super hydrating and flavorful, without any added sugar or sweeteners.

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Staying hydrated can become a bit monotonous. If you’re bored of filling and refilling your water bottle all summer long with regular water, consider something a little sweeter. Drink Simple makes organic maple water that is super hydrating and flavorful, without any added sugar or sweeteners. For natural, plant-powered hydration, check out Drink Simple maple water and maple sparkling water.

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We tried Drink Simple maple water way back in 2014 before the company’s rebrand and found it had a surprisingly faint maple flavor and a bit of an aftertaste. It looked almost exactly like regular water, but the brand claims it is packed with loads of “good stuff” such as antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes and more. Since the time of our test, Drink Simple launched a collection of sparkling waters in raspberry lemon, orange cream, blackberry lemon and tart cherry vanilla flavors that could be a better option than the original.

What is maple water?

Maple water is the pure sap from a maple tree. No, maple water is not sticky. During the warmer months, maple sap flows through the tree, absorbs all the rich nutrients from the soil and tree roots and is stored in the tree itself. Then, Drink Simple taps the trees to collect the maple water.

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How does Drink Simple protect maple trees?

By tapping maple trees to collect the maple sap to produce maple water, Drink Simple is encouraging responsible forestry. One gallon of maple sap produces one gallon of maple water compared to 40 gallons of maple sap to create one gallon of maple syrup. Drink Simple’s process is much more economically sound for farmers, which incentivizes them to keep healthy forests.

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Why should you drink maple water?

There are tons of benefits from drinking maple water, ranging from hydration to simply enjoying flavorful water! Drink Simple says that the phytonutrients and antioxidants make maple water super hydrating and that customers love the sweet, slightly woodsy taste of maple water.

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