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The dealer named his Flatout, who opened a store in Yahoo and Rakuten, is

What is our FactoryFlatout?

Please be careful not to make a mistake, as it is a completely unrelated contractor.

In addition, we do not exhibit in Yahoo auction, Mercari, or Amazon.

We would appreciate it if you could pay attention.

In addition, we are not a motorcycle shop.

A company that specializes in suspension tuning.

Please do not make a mistake.

[Customer Impre latest] L4GSX-R1000 Front BPF Quattroization + rear 8.5k Hyupuri

From regular L4GSX-R1000 customers for many years,

With the quattro of the front BPF + O/H damper upgrade

After O/H + upgrade to the genuine rear 2022.05spec damper

From the first impression

By reworking after -sales service

Circuit driving impression after upgrading to 2022.07SPEC before and after.

In addition, with the second rework,

The impression after upgrading the front to 2022.08spec has arrived.


Quattro is overwhelmingly improved, but

In examples other than this impression of this impression

When it comes to Quartro

I have to upgrade the damper together

Because it will be an understeer trend


The combination of OH without a damper upgrade is not recommended.

By Quartro,

As a result, the spring moves well

Because the damper causes attenuation due to stroke speed dependence

Since the attenuation naturally occurs,

Combined with the damper

If you do not upgrade in the direction of scraping the attenuation,

Conversely, in the total suspension, it does not work and underders come out.

In line with the reception of the front

If you upgrade the damper before and after

As the primary turn/secondary turn is improved at the same time,

Improves gap track

At a different dimension level, super cool! ! You will be able to run ❤

What is Quattro?

In addition to normal spring and top out springs

Incorporate dual helper spring,

By incorporating 4 springs per damper

It becomes a variable spring rate that depends on the frequency,

In combination with FFOS damper

It is a technology that is not an electronic control but a “reactive suspension”.

In addition, this suspension is

Already as 2020.04SPEC

The front is a BPF4WAYNIX helper built -in super high -pri specification.

The rear tuned to the FFOS8.5K high prisons

This time, the front and rear quatro,

We have requested an upgrade to the latest 2022.05spec damper specifications

The rear is

Until the parts of Quattro are available


Only the damper will be the latest specification at the moment

As soon as the parts are available

The rear is also the same as the front of the front.

In addition, we plan to upgrade to the latest rear damper specification at that time.

Also, at the time of the previous specification 2020.04SPEC before the arrival of this time,

Located on the pier of the highway

In ordinary suspensions including Orleans, the goal of “Gatsun!”

Even if you pass at a fairly high pace

It doesn’t come and fluffy even after passing. After receiving the evaluation

I have received this impression with the finish above the last time.

In other words, the customer’s tongue is getting more and more fertilized.

The last 2020.04SPEC tuning content …

The front is

・ The left fork is the pressure dumper

By stretching the right fork and rebuilding it into a damper,

While cutting off excessive attenuation peculiar to BPF

Usually contradicted,

Both high damping response and strong damping force

Neither excess nor a shortage,

When needed

It is finished in an FFOS damper that can call the necessary damping force.

・ Normal attenuation dial Ten is low -speed, COM is rebuilt at high speed.

Low -speed pressure, high -speed pressure on the left fork.

With a 4WAY adjuster that can be adjusted as a high -speed growth in the right fork

It has both high damping response and strong damping force.

4WAY Adjusta is a function that is not in Orleans fork.

・ For both the growing and pressure damper

Equipped with a super -less spons suim to achieve smooth movement.

・ Works Strong COMP suppresses rapid sinking mild and strong.

・ After reducing differential pressure by piston processing

The oil surface also loweres the air internal pressure, and

The operation friction is greatly reduced by adopting SKF green stickers.

・ By replacing it with FFOS high prison + FFOS top out spring

Both a strong initial set load and a supple stroke feeling

Incorporate a helper spring,

With synergistic effect with FFOS damper

More than a high -priced tune that does not incorporate a helper

At the time of acceleration, at the deceleration, going down, climbing, the forks stretched their legs in any case

The front tire is pressed on the road surface, so you can run with confidence by improving the ground contact.

The rear is

・ Hyupuri by FFOS8.5K spring.

・ Highflow by damper piston processing.

・ ↑ Low -pressure gas is used to reduce differential pressure.

・ For both the growing and pressure damper

Equipped with a super -less spons suim to achieve smooth movement.

・ It was 2020.04SPEC for the first FFOS pressure 6 stages/extension 5 stages.

This is the change from 2020.04SPEC to 2022.05SPEC this time.

The front BPF is

To both of the growth pressure

Evolved the previous Super Less Spons Sim,

Equipped with Hyper Dual Response Sim


Quattro Spring System by incorporating dual helper springs.

The rear shock is


With pressure hyper dual response sysim

Equipped with a growing dual rebound restructor

Increases operating, attenuity response, and damping force.

These ↑ due to the synergistic effect of the front and the rear

The front keeps the sinking height

The rear maintains the height used and makes it easier to draw out the primary turn

In the partial

Realize the load transfer from the smooth front to the rear,

With secondary turning and traction improvement

Athletic performance in the turnover,

We aim to enhance stability in the whole area to a higher dimension ❤

The appearance is not much different from normal

The contents are ultra -advanced content than the factory specification SPL suspension.

Many super sports vehicles

It is possible to build the same content with the genuine suspension.

Of course, it is also possible to tune orllin to the same content.

However, regarding the 4WAY of the front,

Not the left and right separate/NIX of FGRT200

An old -type Orleans fork with a pressure -up and pressure on the top and bottom is assumed.

In the case of a damper rod fork, tuning is possible with the FFOS Siknes bulb.


The 1g sinking amount was measured in this shipping set

The front is 28.5mm/rear 5.5mm,

More than 22.5mm/rear 5.0mm at the time of arrival

The balance is firmly applied to the front.

This time Impre ⬇

Both the front and rear, including the damper dial

With the customer setup with the previous specification, the set up set at the time of arrival

I set the same dial position

Initial adjuster was a +25 notch shipping setting set,

+60 notch initials are the strongest

The top out shrinks and the stroke/overall length increases by 3mm, so

next time,

With the strongest initials with 3mm increased protruding

We are asking you to measure the amount of riding and the driving impression.

In this front desk, the strongest set

Spring reaction force in folk full bottom

Before the upgrade this time 2020.04spec, it became the same 150kgf+//1

The spring reaction force with the folk stretched

8kgf+increase in total left and right,

Front tire contact pressure even with full acceleration

While increasing to 1/3 = 33%+(formerly 30%+) of the total weight including rider and fuel

The ease of movement of the pitching motion can be improved

Braking, turning, full acceleration, switching back,

In all

Furthermore, the ground tire contact feeling has improved,

Feeling and turning in circuit Dry should be the best.

The turning and motility on the street surface should also be good ❤

The following is an impression of 2022.05SPEC for the first time.

———————————————— ————————

Assemble with the specified protruding out of the shipment,

I have tested a little in the neighborhood.

If you straddle and shake,

Is the front moving too much? It moves better than before.

Conversely, the rear

I felt that the feeling of tension was increasing than before.

As you are rubbing the tires,

The front sinks more comfortably than before.

The bike is lighter than before, even if you shake the body left and right.

Even though it moves well

The feeling of tension is as good as before and it is strange.

The deceleration zone that has been rattling so far,

I was surprised that the gap in the middle of the corner was not bothered at all!

In addition, the reverse bank curve, which tended to be swollen, turned smoothly and was fun! !

The rear has a higher position to use than before and has a click!

But when you get up and open the accelerator

I feel that the load has moved to the rear properly.

Both front/rear

While turning, it really sticks to the road surface

I want to run on the circuit quickly, stable and comfortable! ! !

It was good to ask for Quattro this time!

The rear is also fun! !

I will impress again.

———————————————— ————————

From us.

By the reception of the front,

Because the spring rate changes quickly depending on the frequency of the input

While moving well

Needless to wait for the damper reaction

The effects of the spring itself suppresses wasted movements, and the lightness and stability are compatible.

In particular,

Especially the more high -frequency entry is input

The spring rate rises to the gap valley

On the gap mountain, the spring rate drops,

Without pushing up

However, as the legs can be stretched immediately, the body stability on the spring increases.

In addition, as a result of improving the movement of the spring due to quattro,

Even with the same damper specification

Moving makes it easier to generate the damping force while driving,

Because it tends to be hypervented

In accordance with Quattro

Created in the development of FFOS damper,

By Hyper Dual Response Sim

Improved operability and attenuation response,

Remove unnecessary attenuation of moving

You can generate the attenuation by moving immediately,

From improving FFOS performance

Because it can take advantage of the goodness of the spring,

In a wide range of situations, the feeling is “stable while moving well”.

In addition, it became easier to turn in the reverse bank corner

Incorporated by the front quattro

With the effect of dual helper spring

While it is easier to sink

The performance to stretch the legs has also improved, so

While increasing the front load with sinking inertia


The legs are stretched and the front tires are glued to the road surface and bends well.

It is easy to understand the load transfer to the rear when the throttle is opened

The performance of the fork also stretches the legs is improving

By its reaction,

This is because the swing arm pivot is pushed down to increase the rear load.

In other words, by the quattro spring System on the front

As a result of improving the turnability,

The load transfer from the front to the rear is smooth and the traction is improving ♬

The following is a 2nd impression that runs on the circuit.

———————————————— ————————

I went to the circuit.

I was able to compare because it was a course that ran just before the upgrade.

First, start running in the shipping settings

I felt the security of the front desk and the goodness of the primary turn than before.

With the rising acceleration,

I wanted to move the load a little more to the rear

The rear pressure low -speed is 1/4 rotation, and the remaining stret is 17mm rear 10mm

Next, I put out the protruding 3mm and tried the initial +35 notch = 60 notch Max!

It’s so good! !

Even though 35 notches than the shipping settings,

The movement is a little bit tension because it doesn’t become so bitter.

As you start running

The front desk at the entry is not bad

At the start,

You can open it even where you have hesitated to open it! !


You can turn around with a small turn as well as the shipping settings

As for the rising, this +35 notch = 60 notch Max is more magnificent! ! !

You can enjoy it with confidence without overdoing it.

The best time has been updated in the shipping setting,

I was able to update the best with initial 60 notch MAX.


I was worried about the rear thrust, so

Rear pressure high -speed 1/4 rotation, remaining strip 17mm rear 13mm

The feeling when I opened it was still there, so

The rear pressure low -speed was 1/4 plus, and the remaining stroke was 22mm rear 13mm.

After returning home, fill it up and fully equip it

The amount of riding on the front initial MAX was 27.5mm rear 4.5mm.

I was a little worried about the rear thrust, but it was 120 points!

If you run on the street with front initial MAX, I will impress again.

* At a later date, we received a supplementary explanation by e -mail from the customer.

“Even if I’m worried about the rear thrust,

Even after passing the gap more than before, it is getting better at all.

I’m worried about the rear thrust

A quattro -ized front

It may be because the deceleration zone has become too good so much that you do not feel any shock. “

———————————————— ————————

From us.

It is said that the best time could be updated with the finish exactly as intended ❤

By the quattro spring System on the front,

Improves sinking

For the mighty front load created by the “sinking moment”


By Quattro Spring System on the front

The strong spring reaction force created

By growing without losing to the mighty front load, the nose is the head

By “turning G = centrifugal force” created by the front

At the same time, the load transfer to the rear,

As a result of the rear tires grabbing the road more strongly

By being opened wider

It creates an ideal balance of turning further.

With the performance of the front folds the legs

As a result of improving the performance of stretching the legs at the same time

The aim of Quattro Spring System is to enhance the turn performance and traction at the same time.

The feeling of a little push -up of the rear is

This time, it has a slightly weaker attenuation specification for the street

This shipment setting is

It may be because the rear pressure high speed is turned back from the strongest to 1.5 turns.

Please tell me again about the growth of the rear and the feeling of pulling out the high speed.


Both the front/rear on the pressure side

Use a slightly stronger attenuation specification as a circuit -only car,

Rear pressure high -speed adjasta from strongest to 3rd turn back

If you set the setting in the direction to pull out,

In addition, the tracking and stepping on the gap may be improved and the turning performance may be improved.

↑ Use the rear of the specification,

Another customer

Near the shortcut clip of the Suzuka East Course,

It is said that the gap on the road surface is not bothered.

And the front damper also strengthens the pressure high speed range with internal specifications.

The front is also a setting in the direction to pull out the pressure high -speed adjuster

It is difficult to cut while increasing absorption,

Furthermore, put out 3mm protruding

The direction of accepting aggressive “bending operations” using the increased front load is accepted.

Before the rear quattro,

I would like to upgrade the above in the after -sales service again.

And the rear is also due to the latest FFOS damper specifications

At the same time as improving the performance of stretching the legs

Equipped with a stretched dual rebound restructor

When the legs are widened,

Due to the turbulent gyromas created by the oil flow

“Universal gravitation”

Actively generate in the damper cylinder,

With the body on the spring,

As the gravity of the earth attracts each other, the body sticks to the road surface.

By quattro the rear from here,

The movement of the rear

More! At the same time as it gets better

Improves tension

The position used by the rear increases to improve the turning and motility.

As a result, lowering the rear vehicle height

In the direction of shortening the total length of the rear shock

Reduce excessive anti -squat moment

From braking, from turning to full acceleration,

In the whole corner of cornering

It is possible to further enhance the rear stability,

Not only lap time on the circuit

It is possible to improve the battle performance in the race ♬

Please look forward to the rear quatro ♬

Next, we look forward to the strongest impression of front initials on the street ♬

Below is a 3rd impression that runs on the street with front initial MAX.

———————————————— ————————

I ran on the street with front initial MAX (+60 notch).

It is harder than the shipment setting of the initial +25 notch, but I do not mind much.

It feels the same as before the front is a quattro and upgraded.

In the deceleration zone and gap,

I feel a little shock that I didn’t feel in the shipping setting

It is better compared to before the quattro and upgrade.

The tension is even better and more stable than the shipping settings.

You can enjoy the street driving enough with this front initial MAX setting,

I think that the shipping setting will be more enjoyable at the pace of touring and the mountains.

Originally, you should change the set on the street and the circuit,

Recently, the circuit is the main, so I’m going to set the initial MAX.

Next is the rear,

Start running with the best time on the circuit

There was a little feeling of pushing up, so

Where the growth was pulled out 1/4

Since it started to move with Yusa Yusa, the growth was restored,

Where the pressure high speed was pulled out 1/4

I didn’t care about pushing it up,

Although the rear feeling was low, I felt a sense of stability.

The lightness is gone,

Even when I entered the corner, it was not good enough to feel one tempo late.

After all, the set that gave the best time on the circuit

The best balance on the street is the same, so the rear is the same as the circuit.

Even if you are worried about the rear thrust,


Even after passing the gap more than before, it is getting better at all without being fluffy

The front desk of the shipping setting has improved too much, so you may be worried about that.

Both before and after, I’m excited because it’s even better!

———————————————— ————————

After this, with after -sales service

Both front and rear specifications are changed to the pressure dumper as the circuit -only car,

Pressure high -speed adjasta is a set in the direction to pull out

We will upgrade to enhance gap absorption and motor performance.

Just before sending the suspension again

I got an impression of the second circuit driving ⬇

The following is a 4th impression of the second circuit driving.

———————————————— ————————

I ran the FSW course this morning.

The last time I ran on a low -speed circuit like a pass,

This time, even when driving a very high -speed circuit

I was able to run comfortably without any discomfort with the previous set.

I felt it was moving better than last time,

I was surprised that the speed range was quite different but there was no discomfort at all.

The rain came on while driving,

I opened it at the start of the first corner

From the front

I was about to slip down, but I was able to recover without difficulty.

I am satisfied with the really good legs.

The remaining stroke was the front 28mm rear 14mm.

We enjoy upgrades!

———————————————— ————————

It’s already quite a wide range

Furthermore, the front and rear pressure damper is upgraded to the same as the circuit -only car.

Does gap absorption and athletic performance increase? Please enjoy the finish ♬

Both the front/rear are on the pressure side

Based on the strong shim setting of 모바일바카라 a circuit -exclusive car,

The rise of attenuation from low speed to medium speed

To make it smooth and mild

Adopted FFOS Triple Respoon Sim

After reworking to 2022.07spec, it is a 5th impression for the first circuit driving.

———————————————— ————————

I attached it yesterday and drove Yamanashi today.

The feeling of straddling is

Front initial MAX60 I’m hanging notch

It moves well as the last 25 notch shipped.

The rear is loosened by pressure high-speed adjuster to -3.0

Like the previous shipment setting, the pressure high speed -1.5, there is a feeling of stiffness.

When I started running in this shipping setting,

Last time the gap that came with “Don”

With the feeling of “Ston”, I can pass comfortably.

However, the rear height while turning can keep it, and it is more crum! And you can turn around.

The feeling of stepping up when opened at the rise is the best

It was a pretty worn tire, but I was able to run comfortably.

The rear is OK with shipping settings.

The remaining stroke was 18mm front 17mm.

As the rear is getting higher,

I want the front of the front desk

Although it was stable at high speed+1/4 of the front, I was a little worried about the gap.

The remaining stroke is 19.5mm rear 16mm

Return the front pressure highway,

It feels like the initial +1 notch increases and the gap tracking has increased.

This set is better at the front.

Remaining front front 20mm rear 16mm

After returning home

I ran in the neighborhood with this shipping setting,

It is a feeling that the previous shipment setting has been improved further.

The front sinks well even though it has a sense of tension,

The rear is light and free of the bike without picking up the swell on the road.

It is a specification that can be enjoyed enough not only on the circuit but also on the street! !

In this shipping setting, the sag is 27.5mm rear 5mm.

———————————————— ————————

From us.

Thank you for the impression! !

I’m pretty good at it (*^_^*)

The front is

Add a little more pressure shim

It may be even better to pull out the pressure high -speed adjuster.

Also, because the initials are the strongest,

So that you can put a little more initials

It may be better to increase the internal preset of the initials.

By the way, the initial value is about 100mm at present! (It’s not 10mm ❤)

It is the advantage of FFOS full tunes that moves well even though I have a spring v (^o^)

Have you run a little more

After the number of data increased,

We are going to make a rework with the free after -sales service again.

The following is before the second rework

Change the final,

It is a 6th impression at the Tsukuba Circuit as a short swing arm.

Before this driving

By making the final short,

The chain pull moves forward

As a result of shortening the swing arm

The rear vehicle height has dropped,

Because the lever ratio is smaller and the movement becomes stiff

Should I adjust the vehicle height before driving?

Should I adjust it in the direction of pulling out the damper? We had a consultation,

From us

Change only the final,

I was guided to judge after experiencing the change.

———————————————— ————————

I ran Tsukuba 2000.

The first one was a good front initials for shipment 60+1 notch,

Again, you can run comfortably without any discomfort.

Remaining streets 16mm rear 17mm

The second one is 60+2 notch on the front desk that I wanted to try.

It feels like my motorcycle has become a little heavy,

The front is even more stable, and this is better here.

Remaining streets 19mm rear 18mm


Change the final to a short,

The seat high minus 0.5mm rear axle moves 9mm before.

The sag is 26.5mm front 26.5mm

The suspension starts running in the same set as the second one,

It feels like the motorcycle has become smaller

The first, the second one! I can go around.

It feels like the back and rear balance has improved with the increased waist of the rear.

The feeling of stepping up when you open up at the rise is even better and the tires do not feel slipping!

Before changing the final

While turning the last corner

Occasionally, the front, the tattoo

There was a behavior that the rear slipped with Nur,

After the final change, there is no behavior at all. You can enjoy it without anxiety.

The feeling of the rear after returning is very good,

Even though there is a stiffness

I don’t pick up the gap, so

I would like to try it if the front is in the same direction.

———————————————— ————————

From us.

After all, without changing the suspension

With the final change

Just becoming a short swing arm has improved the rear load ~

Even with experience as a rider

The swing arm of TZ250 is longer

The engine is also installed

In an era when it changed to a high -in -front position

I dare make the final gear bigger and make it a short swing arm

By lowering it slightly for both front and rear,

From the rear to the front,

The load transfer from the front to the rear


The reason why the turning and traction have increased at the same time

Now, it has become a good data that can be confirmed this time and this time.

In addition, in this rework

The damper specification is

The front was the same direction as the rear

Because the front moves better than expected

There was no room to pull out the pressure high -speed adjuster like the rear.

Even if you run this time

After all, it was confirmed that it moved well, so I will fix it again.

Specifically, add the shim on the front pressure side

Increase the internal preset by 6mm

Make the direction to pull out the pressure high -speed adjuster and initial adjuster.

With this second rework,

Complete the best balance on the current spring

Where the rear quattro parts are available

In the third rework of after -sales service

We will incorporate the rear quattro.

The shipment setting after the second rework only at the front desk

As the preset increased by 6mm

6mm of initial adjasta = 24 notch

Make the 62 notches at 38 notches at the time of arrival,

The damper has a strong attenuation while improving the operability only at the pressure.

Pressure high -speed adjasta

It is 1.5 revolutions from -4.5 rotations at the time of arrival to -6.0 rotations.

In the feeling of hand,
















サグは、フロント26.5mm リア4.5mm でした。


































Frequency Flexible Optimized Suspensions

・ Depending on the frequency of Frequency vibration

・ Flexible flexible and supple

・ Optimized optimized

・ SUSPENSIONS suspension


The setup of suspension is an intellectual and adult play ♪


Hiroshi Takashima