Only the iPhone 14 and the back glass can be replaced. Is the repair cost cheaper? (Phile Web)

Repairer IFIXIT, known for decomposing new digital devices, has released a disassembly video of the iPhone 14 standard model. KYLE Wiens, the company’s CEO, has praised the internal design of the device more easily and improved, and praised the most remarkable iPhone after the 2017 iPhone X. He has already mentioned several reviews in the design that can be opened from the back side of the iPhone 4S, but the iPhone 14/14 Plus standard model has been “iPhone that can be opened from the back side for the first time since the iPhone 4S.” After that, there was no other way to open from the display side. In this year’s standard model, the display and the back glass panel are fixed with only two screws and one or two connectors, and both can be easily removed and replaced. “This is worthy of Apple’s significant announcements, and the iPhone has been redesigned from inside to make it easier to repair.” Basically, both models are sandwiched between the display and the glass panel on the back, sandwiching a mid -frame that stores most of the internal parts. According to Apple’s internal documents seen by Macrumors in the United States, repairs for Apple 바카라카지노 Store and Certified Service Providers can only replace the mid -frame unless there is damage to the display, back glass, and back camera. As a result, depending on the damage situation, it may be more likely that repair can be performed cheaper than before. In addition, the mid -frame is “metal that supports the structure,” which is accompanied by all redesigns in the iPhone, doubling the waterproofing effects in the surroundings. However, according to Apple’s internal documents, even if only the back glass of the iPhone 14/14 Plus is replaced, a adjustment process with the official software (System Configuration) is required. It is unknown what will happen if you do not take this process. However, it is not unusual for warnings and error messages to be issued if the parts of Apple products are replaced with non -genuine products or adjusted with the official tool. It is said that IFixit is also in the process of disassembling the iPhone 14 Pro Max model, but it has stated that the structure that can only be opened from the display has not changed. Another interesting thing is that both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro pointed out that the US model had a “large gap” where there was a physical SIM card slot (still in the Japanese model). The US model was exclusively for ESIM, and it was a hot topic that physical SIM could no longer be used, but it did not seem to be internal design. Source: IFIXIT VIA: Macrumors

On October 8, 2016, at Iron Man World Championship 2016 held in Hawaii, Hiroshi Inada, the oldest participant among Iron Man, completed 16 hours 49 minutes 12 seconds.

The Iron Man World Championship is the highest peak in triathlon (swim 3.8km, a motorcycle (bicycle) 180km, run 42.195km) who has won a slot given to the top ranks by age. World Championship where you can participate. Hiroshi Inada has been participating in this race many times in the past, 크레이지슬롯 and has completed this Iron Man Championship three years ago, but last year was only in 16 hours and 50 minutes, which is a time limit. In 16 hours 50 minutes and 5 seconds, it was not available for a second run.

Last year’s race was certainly considered to be completed within the time limit, but he said he had lost his consciousness in a few remaining, but he continued to run for the finish gate. However, he collapsed once to the finish gate, and then stood up again and started running, but was not treated for less than 5 seconds.

This is because the title of the Iron Man’s rules is “Iron Man”, which is given a completed race within the time limit, and if it is slightly delayed from the time limit, DNF = record is deleted.

Following the results of last year, Inada participated in the regular Iron Man Race this year. He finished the race and at the same time, won a slot that could participate in the Iron Man World Championship, and participated in the world championship in Kailna Kona, Hawaii this year.

Mr. Inada, who is also doing a lot of training every day, has cleared his swims and motorcycles and connected to the last run. When he checked the athlete tracker that can check the time of the athlete in various events, he always performed a run at a good pace and reached the finish gate that was missed last year.

And this year, we finished the race with more room than last year, 16 hours 49 minutes 12 seconds. Last year, the destroyed figure in front of the gate became a worldwide news, but this year he ran dashingly the Finishers Gate.

The Iron Man World Championship at the age of 83 is of course the oldest in the world. And, of course, it is the best in the world by age.

By the way, it is said that Inada started triathlon at the age of 70.

Knowing such facts, he knows again that human challenges are endless and there is no limit.