Olympics with no drug testing? Australian man plans Enhanced Games with doping allowed

The Olympic games are where the best athletes in the world showcase their unreal abilities, but one man is looking to take it up a notch by allowing athletes to participate without drug testing while encouraging performance enhancements.

It may sound ludicrous, but it’s what Australia-born, London-based businessman Aaron D’Souza is attempting to create an Olympic-like event, called the Enhanced Games, as he believes the idea “morally correct.”.

“We want natural and we welcome enhanced athletes,” D’Souza told the Australian Associated Press. “And I hope that the bold, natural athlete shows up to the games and says, ‘Hey guys I’m natural, I’m still WADA compliant and I’m going to beat all you guys’ − that is going to be great television.”.

What are the Enhanced Games?

On its website, the Enhanced Games calls itself an alternative to the “corrupt” Olympics. The organization says the International Olympic Committee makes billions of dollars in revenue while participating athletes “are not paid enough,” as well as the cost for cities to host the games. The Enhanced Games also said the IOC vilifies “enhanced athletes” and lists “enhanced” world record rejected by the IOC.

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The Enhanced Games preaches the use of science, with the goals to:.

  • Embrace capitalism.
  • Reuse current infrastructure.
  • Pay athletes fairly.
  • Focus on core sports.
  • Break world records.
  • Encourage enhancements.
  • “When used correctly, the inclusion of performance enhancements can have significantly positive effects on the results of training and exercise routines. Simply put, performance enhancements augment the effects of training, and help athletes reach the true peak of their athletic ability,” the website reads. “Rather than penalizing the widespread use of performance enhancements, the Enhanced Movement embraces enhanced athletes. We want to see what humans are truly capable of.”.

    The Enhanced Games also said athletes that use performance enhancing supplements are vilified. The games would focus on individual track and field, aquatics, gymnastics, weight lifting, and combat competitions, but no dates or locations are announced.

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    ‘Dangerous and irresponsible’

    D’Souza’s idea has already been met with criticism, as Australian Olympic Committee chief executive Matt Carroll believes the Enhanced Games aren’t safe.

    “We know next to nothing about this organization but sport needs to be clean and it needs to be safe for all athletes,” Carroll told AP. “The Australian Olympic Committee believes the concept of a drug enhanced games is both dangerous and irresponsible.

    “The Olympic movement is devoted to clean sport and athletic excellence, celebrating the best in humanity, excellence, friendship and respect.”.

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