“New store [Ramen and continuation -TUZUKU-]”

This is also visited yesterday.

The new store in Namba was a hula … no. I’m hungry (laughs)

5/18 Open (^O^)/

● New store [Ramen and continuation -TSUZUKU-]

11: 30-16: 00

18: 00-22: 00

Regular holiday Wednesday

As soon as you enter 카지노 the store, there is disinfection and cold (self) on your left hand, so thank you m (__) m

I went to the slot after the noodles today!

I don’t understand the model I’m pushing (^_^;)

What do you want to say?

For the time being, go to the hall and wander

Almost not appearing (laughs)

Code Geass came out, but it looks like a shot

I don’t really understand www

Look at the coffee in the hall

You can hit it yourself, but today I want to know the meaning of fanning

If you wait

A table that was a mess with the ceiling of the heavens.

For the time being, use a savings medal

It hits in the 200 zone, but it doesn’t really enter

So, immediately (laughs)

A mirror six -through was left for a long time on the lower plate with a little medal on the lower plate for a long time, but it is not open at all, so it ends wwwwww.

It’s strange to leave it for about an hour!

What happened (^_^;)

The collection was about 300 copies.

Tomorrow … what should I do (^_^;)

Dowa (*^ω^) ノ

Agu -cho’s misconement problem.

Is there a lot of things like this? It’s like a case.

But it was good that there was progress!


This time, I heard that the suspect was working on an online casino and remembered it as a grouper.

This is what he was doing

Formerly, I had been dating for three years in the premise of marriage, but after living together,

Morahara acceleration

Pachinko madness

Debt discovery

Tax delinquency discovered

Flirtation discovery

So, he broke up, but when he lived together, he often played an app game and did slots and roulette.

He said that he could actually make money, and I wasn’t familiar with that, “I have such a game.”

That’s probably an online casino

I heard that online casinos could be illegal, and I thought they were still working in the gray zone, so I was glad I didn’t get married again!

The suspect in Abu Town has been able to seize the account from the tax delinquency this time, so I think that a person who is not sloppy to money will be on his legs or fall in his life.

The main reason I broke up with him was

When I got married to this guy, I thought I would be bothered by my debts and would bother my parents.

I think the intuition was hit.

When identifying a marriage partner, you should check it properly if you have a sense of money and gambling habits, no matter how much you like.

Everyone, I think the 인터넷바카라 annual income is concerned, but I think the important thing is how to spend money than the annual income.

By the way, he showed his annual income card book before living together,

He said, “Is there more than 10 million, right?

I’m definitely confident that Miku will be happy

Don’t worry! “

I said.

I still didn’t know what I was doubtful at that time, so I was relieved only with my annual income, but when I opened the lid, I received a reminder of debt every month.

If you are married, please discuss and check the money before marriage.

I’m worried about the TOFFY series ♪

I want everything! But I’m worried because there is no place. 。