New products: Charge 3 devices at once with iDL Radio

The iDL100 Triple Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio starts at $150.
  • New iHome has two Lightning docks%2C USB port.
  • PocketPlug charger attaches your iPhone to your wall.
  • Kensington Keyboard can be rinsed off in the sink.

    You can only sleep in one place at a time, so it makes sense that you’d want to have your alarm clock, iPad, iPhone and an iPod nearby when you snooze. After all, you could set any one of those gizmos to wake you up at a pre-determined time. With the iDL100 Triple Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio, you can charge and store up to three devices all at once in one place — like beside your bed. And, of course, you can set it to wake you up with one of your devices, a favorite FM radio or an old-fashioned alarm buzzer. Better yet, you can program it for two different wake-up times, in case your partner has to get up earlier than you. Another handy feature: The time on the device automatically syncs to the time on your iPhone so there will be no confusion about which time is the real time. Priced at $150, the docking system from iHome includes two Lightning docks and a USB port to charge and play various Apple devices.

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    If you walk into a home or office and it looks like a smartphone is plugged in flat against a wall, don’t be surprised: You might be in the presence of someone using a mobile case called the PocketPlug, whose retractable prongs allow you to charge your smartphone. Prices vary depending on the phone: A case for the iPhone 4/4S is $60 while one for the iPhone 5 is $70. A version for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is in the works.


    It seems like almost everything is digital these days, so why not a digital door lock? Instead of having to remember the house key, all you have to do is remember the password. One model worth a look is Yale’s Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt. Designed to work on its own or with a home control system, the lock can handle up to 25 different codes, allowing everyone a chance to pick his own entry code. When programmed to work with a home system, the lock can text you when your child arrives home from school or alert you when a teen comes in past curfew. Powered by four AA batteries, the lock is available in polished brass, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze for about $200.


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    If you eat while working on your computer — and who doesn’t? — Chances are your keyboard looks and feels pretty disgusting. If you were typing on Kensington’s Pro Fit USB Washable Keyboard, you could rinse it off in the sink. Equipped with a built-in antimicrobial material, the keyboard might even be able to reduce the odds of your catching a cold. The plug-and-play white keyboard for Windows computers costs about $30.

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