Montreou’s deep purple “Smoke on the Water” and Queen’s F. Mercury statue, Saturday Night Fever and Hattori

Today, Typhoon No. 8 is approaching ~

What a typhoon No. 8 is called Mary!

What is the name of an American woman? Mysterious. 。

“1 day -12th (Fri) 3:00 am, Typhoon No. 8” Mary “occurred in the south of Japan.

The typhoon continues northward after this, and may approach the east and Tokai on the 13th (Sat). “”

By the way, yesterday, I heard only the sound of high school baseball news.

I didn’t see it because the video was just a few seconds, so the video was backward.

It was music you’ve heard!

oh dear! What is Deep Purple with the support of high school baseball! ?

By the way, I thought it was “Smoke on the Water”,

Maybe it’s a misplaced listening.

@ Now, I checked to check if I made a mistake,

After all it was! It was not a mistake.

It was adopted as a support song for the baseball club of Aiko Daimyo Electric High School.

Deep Purple was active in the British rock band in the 1970s

On August 15, 1972, on the 16th, at the Osaka Employees’ Pension Hall in Osaka

There was a concert, and on August 17, he performed at Budokan in Tokyo.

What a half century ago.


Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”

I remembered what I wrote in my blog.

The song was created in a casino in Montre, Switzerland in 1971.

The content of the lyrics in Montoru, Switzerland, which was scheduled to be used as a studio, is written as it is.

The following is a Japanese translation

“We came to Montreou, he didn’t have much time to record using a moving studio on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Frank Zappa and Mothers were in the best place around here, but stupid with a signal pistol burned the place

Smoke on the lake and smoke on the sky on the sky

They turned the casino into ash, burned down while making a terrible noise.

When the turmoil was over, we had to find another place, but he had a limited time in Switzerland, and he felt like he couldn’t help it anymore.

Smoke that can stand on a flame 크레이지슬롯 in the smoke on the lake

We managed to move to the Grand Hotel, and he was a cold and murderous place, and he stopped the track of the Rolling Stones an example.

So I made music there, so it is certain that this is an unforgettable experience, no matter how we worked there in some red lighting and old beds.

A flame that can stand on a flame in the smoke on the lake “

This is the lyrics, but specific places are sung.

He was a little interested in Lake Leeman in Geneva, Switzerland. Speaking of Montoru on the shores of Lake Lehman, I often hear the Montray Jazz Festival. Speaking of jazz, it’s American New Orleans. Why is it Switzerland Montreo? I had a simple question.

How, that era is a little after deep purple

Freddie Mercury, a British rock band queen, has his studio

A statue stands on the shores of Montreu.

It’s similar to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”!

In addition, it is similar to John Travolta’s “Saturday Night Fever” pose! ?

Left, John right of Saturday Night Fever, Queen, Freddie Mercury

Before, why is there a jazz festival in Montoru, Switzerland? Speaking of jazz, isn’t it New Orleans in Luziana in the United States? It was strange. So I had a little research.

It seems that the railway ran, a tennis court and a golf course, and a special British resort.

He was planning to record in the casino where the fire occurred in the lyrics of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water.

It was a venerable Montreou casino.

It was built in 1881. Remoded in 1903. A famous conductor’s Symphony Orchestra was performed. Later in the 1960s, rock and jazz were played.

In 1967, Claude Nobbs launched the Monterey Jazz Festival at the venue in this casino.

On December 4, 1971, a signal bullet burned into the building during the Mothers concert and burned down.

Montreou Casino was rebuilt in 1975.

The Grand Hotel is a venerable building built in 1870

In 1893, the Habsburgs of the Austrian -Hungarian Empire Hapsburg and his wife and Mrs. Elisabeth were visited.

Elisabeth was assassinated on September 10, 1898 at a pier on Lake Leeman.

It is still remodeled and open

Looking at the map on the shores of Lake Montre, there is his Montreou Casino right next to Queen’s studio.

The story is flying around,

Speaking of Louisiana’s New Orleans, I recently learned that there was a CIA base. Originally, he seems to have had his largest CIA in the United States at Miami University.

Speaking of the University of Miami, Tamiko Bolton, who married George Soros, and the Fourth Kunitachi of the Unification Church of the Unification Church were also Miami University.

In addition, the story flies,

A long time ago, on Saturday, October 17, 1992, a high school student Katsuda in Nagoya died in a Halloween Saturday of Halloween’s Saturday Night Fever John’s costume in his Halloween Baton Rouge. had.

Why was it a Masmetary of Satadi Night Fever? Something gets stuck.

His Queen’s Freddie Mercury, standing in Montre, (the pose of the statue is similar to his John Travolta in Satadi Night Fever!? “

Was his Montreou Casino fire really coincidence that Deep Purple witnessed?

Outline of ThinkPad X1 Fold Gen 2

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