Meghan Trainor is going well beyond ‘That Bass’

NASHVILLE — Meghan Trainor knew she needed to get out of her apartment after a Peeping Tom showed up.

She’s not sure that the guy standing outside her window, smoking a cigarette, knew he was ogling a singer with one of the biggest records in the country, though.

“Even the neighbors who called the cops had no idea who I was,” Trainor says about the recent incident. “I was like, ‘It goes like this — All about that bass, ’bout that bass. No? Really? This would be your favorite song.’ “.

Since All About That Bass took off — selling 4.5 million downloads and leading to a follow-up hit, Lips Are Movin, now No. 11 on USA TODAY’s Top 40 airplay chart, and Tuesday’s release of her debut album, Title — Trainor travels so much that she now lives out of hotel rooms, even when she makes it back to Nashville.

Her sudden success means Trainor, a native of Nantucket, Mass., Who turned 21 last month, must quickly adjust to a new way of life. She’s making friends with the likes of Sam Smith (“I love him. He’s perfect.”) And Nick Jonas, who threw her a birthday party.

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With a hectic schedule, Trainor wears her wonder, and her worries, on her sleeve. “The real fun has been every day of (hearing Trainor say) ‘My mom came to New York with me, and we hung out!’ ” Says Carla Wallace, the Nashville publisher who signed Trainor to a songwriting deal when she was 17. “It’s like, ‘Yeah, because you were on Jimmy Fallon!’ It’s sweet.”.

Back in August, when Trainor had sold her first million downloads of All About That Bass, she was recognized only at her favorite Nashville sushi restaurant. Now, she’s likely to cause a scene anywhere she goes, as she did when she went out to eat a few weeks ago in Miami.

“I was stopped every second: ‘We know you’re with your family, but can we have a picture?'” She says. “Yes, no problem! It was so cute. Then I just kept washing my hands, because I was eating. But they were nice.”.

She had her first three-day run on a bus in December while on the Jingle Ball tour and took to it better than she expected. “I was nervous, because I get really carsick,” she says. “But I slept in that bunk like a baby. It’s dark, and you’re, like, in your own private hole.”.

Last month, she performed for a Nashville audience for the first time since All About That Bass broke, appearing at a multi-artist benefit concert. Backstage, she swapped stories about radio-station concerts with Paramore’s Hayley Williams and found they have a mutual friend in Kelly Clarkson. Trainor will return to play her first full concert in Nashville in March as part of her first headlining tour.

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Her itinerary is packed with TV appearances and other performances through Jan. 25. “After the 25th, I have 10 days to learn how to sing a one-hour concert,” she says. “Then it’s Grammy weekend (Feb. 8). … My tour starts the 11th.”.

She’s wondering who she’ll take to the Grammys, where All About That Bass is up for record of the year and song of the year. “They give you two seats, and I’ve got a lot of friends,” she says. “I’m thinking Mom and Dad, but my brother’s going, ‘Me, me, me!’ “.

She’s also worried about losing her voice when she goes from playing 15-minutes sets for promotional concerts to headlining her sold-out That Bass Tour. Trainor says she hasn’t had any time to write songs since she completed Title, “but when I do, it’s going to be epic. Hopefully I’ll have made money and then be like, ‘We’re going to Hawaii! Anybody want to come?'”.

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