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Stories addicted to gambling during public health

The Confucianism presents the structure of ‘Satan Chiljeong’ to explain the human mind.

So what is Satan and Chiljeong?

First of all, the metaphysical ‘Satan’, which corresponds to ‘this’, consists of phosphorus, righteous, yes, and Ji, and ‘Chiljeong’, which corresponds to ‘ki’, is a man who is a man with Hee, No, Ae, Gu, A, Oh, and Explain seven basic feelings. This is the basis of egion.

Everybody knows that all these human thinking and emotions work from our head, about 1,400 grams of brain in the skull. If you go a little deeper, you can depend on the change of neurotransmitter hormones in the synapses that connect the brain cells, which are transformed into the moment, which is changed to this moment.

For example, if a lot of serotonin is secreted, you will feel full of happiness, and if the dopamine flows excessively, you can feel the true thrill with exciting excitement. For this reason, modern medicine has evolved until the treatment of various mental diseases by controlling neurotransmitters to treat Parkinson’s disease or depression. Even a piece of emotions we are currently in mind is changing due to the increase in neurotransmitter hormones secreted from the brain.

Dopamine is the most important hormone among several neurotransmitter related to addiction. Cigarettes, alcohols, and drugs are substances that stimulate dopamine production in the brain to make humans feel happy and pleasure. If you continue to eat, a large amount of dopamine, with a large amount of dopamine, satisfies the brain’s reward system, and then increasingly needs more stimuli due to resistance, and if you break or reduce the material, you feel extremely bad and your body will crave it. It is an explanation of addiction.

I was once addicted to gambling. There is a saying that if a man has a lot of money and a lot of time, he becomes a gambling. No matter how morally or intelligent people are, they must admit that they are a weak human being who is dominated by the environment and shaken by temptation.

In 1988, I was lucky to have been issued by a public health center in Pocheon, Gyeonggi -do as a public health as a public health after receiving three months of military training for military service.

At this time, I had no money, but it was so full of time. Even if the training period was left in place of military service, 36 months had to work at the Health Center, so the Pentagon’s clock was able to be discharged. It was a free time even if there were only five patients a day, and even reading the editorials of the morning newspaper and killing time. There was no patient posted because it was a health station close to the town, but there was always time left because there was no experience and no one who would be treated with a young new company.

At the end of the work, I enjoyed a hundred -won go -stop per point with the other side of the noodles. The chiefs of other regions also have different schools, but they are similar, the same job, and the same situation, so they gathered together every time. The number of gatherings increased, the work was closed only in the morning, and the closing of the afternoon.

The subjects also changed from GoStop to a faster and greater plate poker. Finally, it was won by a game called ‘High Row’, a kind of poker game. This is a high genealogy and a low genealogy that can beat the game, which is the game where high and low people take half of their stakes. One person can hold high and low things at the same time, where you can shake and read. It is the most exciting moment to aim for a single amount.

I usually lose and win 30,000 to 100,000 won. One time, he bought a microwave oven that was not in the newlyweds for more than 200,000 won and pleased his family. When the salary paid about 200,000 won for the army’s monthly salary, the size was a lot of money.

Sometimes I moved to the inn and spent the night and went to my honeymoon in the morning. The gambling that started to stop by the public health center’s hostel and faced the scene of gambling where young doctors turned around, and kicked the tongue.

My husband, who came in the night, was pathetic, and one day his newlywed wife allowed a day to come home and poker. I feeded dinner, fed snacks, destroyed it at the right time, and waited for each other, but I waited for a naive 에볼루션카지노 wife who didn’t know the nature of gambling. When I woke up in the morning, I was frightened by seeing the groom and his friends, who spent the night and kept poker. Only then did the poker zombies standing up after the main island’s place could never come home again.

One or two people fell out of the poker’s gatherings, but most of them continued until the end of the military service. No matter how much you want to stop, you have to recover the money you lost the day before, and the superiority and happiness when you earn money from the poker were devilously sweet compared to the power of moral temperance. In the afternoon, my hands were trembling because I wanted to catch the poker card. “Ah! This is gambling addiction,” but it was impossible to cut off gambling by magnetic force.

But there was something to do. It was a task that became a specialist who could be said to be the last gateway to the doctor. It was necessary to see the first formal orthopedic resident test again after discharge. I was anxious because I couldn’t poker during the resident training that had to work day and night, but on the other hand, I wanted to put myself in a busy living environment and forcibly cut off gambling.

Finally, he was discharged and passed the orthopedic surgery at Kyung Hee University Hospital. The river labor has disappeared in the river labor, which suffers from more stringent discipline and lack of sleep than the army and sucks the power of the soul. It was a moment when the proposition was confirmed that living organisms were dominated by the environment. It may be that it is almost impossible to escape from addiction by magnetic force without changing the environment.

Since then, I have experienced the risks of gambling and I do not want to go near it because I know my personality with myself addictive tendency. Addiction does not occur suddenly one day, and gambling with curiosity or fun is slowly approaching as if water is watered.

Even if you go away from the casino and go with a friend, you only eat and see. He stays away from gambling friends and instead focuses on sports called ‘good addiction’. Even with uncritical children, it is ‘gambling’ that can constantly emphasize the fear of gambling and fall into one shot.

Still, when I catch the poker card again, it’s exciting and happy. I feel confident that I can make money. My will is faint in the face of Dopamine’s power.

Addiction is eternal.