Macau, the casino sales in August 2022 decreased by 50.7%in the previous year by about 37.9 billion yen … Cumulative in January to August 53.4%(Macau Shimbun)

The Macau Government Hakuya Inspection Agency (DICJ) was reduced by 50.7%from the same month on September 1 for Macau’s monthly casino sales (Gross Gaming Revenue = GGR) on August 1 (2022). The latest statistics were announced that it was 21.89 billion Pataka (Japanese yen conversion: about 37.9 billion yen), which is about 5 times. It is a minus for six months from the same month of the previous year, 카지노 for the first time in two months in the previous month. From the same month in 2019 before Corona, it decreased 91.0%. Metropolitan traffic has already been resumed between mainland China and Macau by conditional quarantine exemption, but since this year, the re -trends have become more severe in various parts of China, and the water intermitte measures are strengthened and moved. As a result of restrictions, the number of inbound passengers from mainland China in Macau has been sluggish, which has been affected by casino sales. In the Macau area, the zero korona has been maintained for about eight months until mid -June this year, but in response to the outbreak of Omicron BA.5 in the city from June 18, water mediation measures with mainland China. At the same time, extremely strict epidemic measures were taken in the region. Above all, for 12 days from July 11, “Social Relative Still” was implemented as a special epidemic measures, and most of the economic activities, including casino facilities, were stopped. In some cases, some casino facilities were subject to local lockdown. By early August, the outbreak has settled down, and the epidemic measures have returned to the level almost before June 18, but the passengers have not returned in earnest. The business day in August is 31 days, the same as July. The average sales per business day in August this year was about 5 times from the previous month, 0.7.1 billion Pataka (about 123 billion yen). Since the influence of the new Corona, 01.3 billion Pataka (approximately 2.20 million yen) in July this year and 02.3 billion to 0.56 billion Pataka (about 40 to 97 billion yen) in the second quarter of 2020. The cumulative sales of Casino from January to August this year to 288.57 billion Pataka (approximately 499.2 billion yen) decreased 53.4%from the same period of the previous year. The fluctuation rate has been reduced by 0.2 points from the previous month. The Macau government initially expected to be sales of Casino in the 2022 fiscal budget for FY2022 was 130 billion Pataka (approximately 2,248.9 billion yen), and the progress rate at the end of July was 22.2%. The same amount was expected to be the same, but it was significant (66.8%). [Material 1] Macau’s monthly casino sales in 2022 (in parentheses are year -on -year) ・ January: 63.44 billion yen (20.9%decrease), February: 77.59 billion Pataka = approximately 1342 billion Yen (6.1%increase), March: 36.7.2 billion Pataka = approximately 63.5 billion yen (down 55.8%), April: 26.77 billion yen = about 46.3 billion yen (down 68.1%), May: 33.4.1 billion Pataka = about 578 100 million yen (68.0%decrease), June: 24.7.7 billion Pataka = approximately 42.8 billion yen (down 62.1%), July: 39.8 billion yen = about 6.9 billion yen (down 95.3%), August: 21.89 billion Pataka = approx. 37.9 billion yen (50.7%decrease)> 1 to August Cumulative: 288.5.7 billion Pataka = approximately 499.2 billion yen (decreased by 53.4%) Ratio) ・ 2013: 3607.4.9 billion Pataka = approximately 6,24.5 billion yen (up 18.6%)*Peak time ・ 2014: 3515.2.1 billion yen = approximately 6.0818 billion yen (2.6%decrease) ・ 2015: 238.4 billion Pataka = Approximately 3.993.9 billion yen (34.3%decrease) ・ 2016: 2232.1 billion Pataka = approximately 3,861.9 billion yen (down 3.3%) ・ 2017: 2657.4.3 billion Pataka = approximately 4,5977 billion yen (up 19.1%)・ 2018: 3028.4.6 billion Pataka = approximately 5,239.7 billion yen (up 14.0%) ・ 2019: 2924.5 billion Pataka = approximately 5,059.9 billion yen (3.4%decrease) ・ 2020: 604.4.1 billion Pataka = approx. 1 trillion 0547. 100 million yen (down 79.3%) ・ 2021: 868.6.3 billion Pataka = approximately 1,0502.9 billion yen (up 43.7%)

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