Kings fans take fight for their franchise to Tumblr

Rich Pedroncelli, AP.

As the clock winds down on the future of the Sacramento Kings, fans have ramped up their social media-based efforts to keep the team from moving to Seattle. Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty, one of the most prominent figures in the “Here We Stay” movement, has started a new Tumblr page for fans to submit photos of themselves in Kings gear.

The goal of the Tumblr is not just to represent the current state of the movement, but to document the entire history of the city of Sacramento’s efforts to keep their team. And that history is an impressive one. Dating back to 2011, it has survived one near-move to Anaheim and a new arena deal that fell apart at the last minute. They’re currently up against their biggest and most powerful foe yet: a pending sale of the team to a powerful group led by hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen, intent on moving the Kings to Seattle.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA player, has spearheaded an effort to put together a competing ownership group to keep the Kings in Sacramento, and they scored a huge victory this week when the city council approved a proposal for a new downtown arena. The NBA’s board of governors is expected to vote on both bids for the Kings in April.

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Practically speaking, the new Tumblr and the rest of Kings fans’ social media efforts will have no bearing on the way the situation is resolved. But it’s difficult to imagine Sacramento’s effort to keep its lone professional sports team being this successful without a fan base this vocal and passionate. The addition of this Tumblr is not only the latest example of that, but could serve as an important historical document no matter where the team ends up playing next year.

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