“Kamoi Sheep and Tunic Show (Kamoi Sheep Sen Part 5)”

In 1954 (Showa 29), about one year before W. Underwear was held, the Christian Dior fashion show held in Tokyo and Osaka broke the common sense of Japanese fashion shows, and is aesthetic, entitled. It is tighter, and it costs a fee, and since then, a show that imitates it has been held in various places in Japan.

In May 1957 (Showa 31), Kamoi Sheep will start the underwear show “Tunic Show” as an attraction in the intermission at a movie theater Subaru seat in the southern 바카라 part of Osaka.

If you explain again about the attractions of the movie theater, the attractions are literally from English and means “calling”, but it was used in the sense of a demonstration between the movie and the movie. From around 1965 to 3 years, Shochiku started performing attractions with a mixture review of gender at Shochiku Movie Chain Theater in Tokyo and Osaka, and since then, there are also exclusive attractions for reviews at movie theaters other than Shochiku. The performance was actively performed around 1963. In 1945, the agreement to abolish the attraction was made at the Dainippon Activity Photography Association, but there was no effect, and after that, the main features are those that perform songs and dances in a demonstration of movie stars. Many attractions are now being performed.

Kamoi Sheiko wrote in his book on the “Tunic Show”.

“The transparent shirts and long patches that straddle motorcycles have been triggered by the plenty of accelerator, and jazz of great speed is flowing, and the models are faster, sometimes running. Sometimes, the balloons are squeezed, the balloons go up, or they suddenly turn around like a fascinated doll, and they have a free tempo and expression. It developed proudly.

A deep and low voice of a new player who was in charge of the narrator in charge of the commentary was flowing. A man’s voice spoke of a new era of underwear in the jazz of a record that increased the number of revolutions by about 50 % of the regulars. I didn’t give any specific explanations.

The speed of the stage is spurred, and the narrow dressing room is like a non -voice battlefield, and the model is naked like a chicken in Danmari, and it is released as soon as the next one is worn. It was done. The area of ​​the office, a dressing room, is a deeply related area. It doesn’t take up space because it’s underwear, but since then, every show has been able to work in the dressing room in a small place.

If you don’t have the time, you can jump out with Hadashi, and put your shoes on purpose in the center of the stage. Until the end, there was a daughter who was Hadashi. When the operation is attached, some models sit with a petan and ponder like a Buddha, and some people stop in the air for about 10 seconds in the air, as if the film of the wedding stopped on the way. Or, like Christ, you can spread your hands like Christ, or turn poses that don’t look like a fashion pose into a mechanical doll -like expression. “

(“I want to get underwear in a horse and wear underwear” “)

Yoshio Hayakawa, who worked on the stage equipment at this time, worked on the exhibition composition of the W. Underwear exhibition. He put some drums on the stage on the stage. Autobi also appeared, double -speed jazz music, low -voice young man narration, and models quickly appeared and disappeared in various shapes underwear, and finally the models from underwear from the underwear. I threw it to the audience.

This tunic show was so fast that the performers were not in time, and it was inorganic, and it was quite frustrating at the time. It seems to be a performance that puts the viewer and makes it blurred.

After this, Kamoi Sheep also attributed it at a cinema in Tokyo.

It has been about 10 years since it became a burnt field after the war, about 10 years after it was difficult to eat, food, and my economy and life, and I was interested in fashionable clothes in 1956 (Showa 30). I can afford to have.

Due to the Christian Dior influence and the success of Japanese fashion designers, fashion shows were held all over the country. Wacoal and other underwear fashion shows were also held, but the audience was limited to women who were banned for men.

Kamoi Sheiko wanted to get more open to more people in a place where she was released in a place where she was released. Some people rejected this show, which broke the customs of the underwear show, which had been forbidden to men. At that time, strip shows were also performed nationwide, so some people criticized this as a strip, not underwear fashion show. It is said that Kamoi Sheep was directly produced by referring to the cabaret show, but she may have more memories of seeing the stage of Awasaki Amusement Park.

She continued to play a tunic show with the art group “Specific” in Osaka and Taro Okamoto, and went around.

Nevertheless, she first learned about the tunic show that she had a movie at the time of the tunic show. In the old movie theater, I remember that there were almost stages with a narrow depth in front of the screen. That stage may have been a remnant of the era when he was at the attraction. The current movie theater is often found in cinema category, and there are few places on the stage in front of the screen.

By the way, before the war, there was an episode related to underwear and stage, saying, “On Friday, the dancer drops the zroose.”

There were rumors that the dancer would drop zroose on the stage of Casino Forley around 1930 (Showa 5), ​​and the number of customers increased, calling on a considerable topic at the time, and other troupe companies began to imitate. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Police Department issued a notification, the length of the zrohose was more than two inadvertent, and all the dancers of the casino were taken to the elephant police station, and each person in the interrogation room was measured under the Zuros. It seems that there was. Some of the notifications should not mainly shake their hips with choreography, prohibited flesh -colored underwear, and do not represent flesh color with lighting. Nevertheless, in the era when erotic gross nonsense was popular, he did not regulate only when police survey came, and at other times he used the original production and escaped the regulations.

Later, Kamoi wrote “Underwear Cultural theory” in 1958, and under the guidance of Fumio Kamei, he filmed a movie saying “Woman is made in underwear.” He also draws essays and pictures, and holds a solo exhibition with his younger brother, Rei Kamoi. The Kamoi sheep is not limited to one thing, but the way of life that runs is obedient to my sense, and I feel refreshed. The tunic has also expanded its management on the underwear boom.

Kamoi whale is also fashionable for invisible underwear! She escaped from her established concepts, and she felt narcissism when she was wrapped in fashionable and exciting underwear, and instead of being ashamed of it, she drew a new female image that she was self -affirming.

Finally, Kamoi Sheko began to take flamenco lessons as her hobby after entering her forties. She started with a flamenco from a tablao (Spanish Lantan, a tavern, a flamenco show, a flamenco show). I was fascinated by the stoic dancing. She often danced on the stage, with Kamoi shilt, but each time her shoes flew, her skirt zipper came off, and some accidents occurred.

In her friend Misako Kamei’s book, “Blonde and Brown Hair Dokomai Sheep Seeing,” she wrote about her stage name flamenco as what Kamoi Sheep said.

“I don’t want to go to the dressing room of a large red roof, because Ototsu Anto wrote the writer of the review, so you’ve done it. The costume was sparkling. I ate a heavy food together. I longed for Milan Mariko, I decided to be a dancer in the future. I decided the stage name Yoko Milan. “

She did not actually claim to be Milan Yoko, but she came from Milan Mariko, a star at Awasaki Amusement Park she saw when she was young. The memories at that time would have been impressive. Kamoi Sheep is also written in her own book.

“Milan Mariko may say that the emotions of Awan Saki’s reviews must be waving in me, wearing a glittering flamenco costume and dawning at the Carmen Seats.”

(From “afternoon dancer” “picture scroll that disappeared in the dunes”)




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