Is the EV charging problem battery replacement instead of a charging stand? Re -paying in Europe (AutoCAR JAPAN)

In only 5 minutes of EV disadvantages, the battery replacement station of the Nio is fully charged. It looks like a large car wash. Frank Skull Pass, a manager at the Norwegian power supply company, is trying to chew and swallow information that a high -tech car wash -like structure installed next to the charger can replace the EV battery. “Is it just 5 minutes? It’s like a dream. Charging is definitely troublesome.” The battery replacement station in Lie is the first to be installed in Europe by NIO, a Chinese EV manufacturer, which is often compared to Tesla. The mechanism is simple. This replacement station replaces the exhausted EV battery in about 5 minutes. Nio has already operated 836 replacement stations in China and plans to increase it to 1300 worldwide by the end of this year. Twenty of them are planned to be set up in Norway, and are preparing for a large -scale service in Germany. It will eventually be introduced in the UK. Hoi Chan, a European business management director of Nio, “becoming a unique sales point”, tells AutoCar. Inside the replacement station, which has a strong impression of failure, the inside of the popular exchange station in China. If you get in the car here, the replacement work will start automatically. The idea of ​​battery replacement is not new. Tesla initially proposed this method before introducing the Super Charger Network. In Europe, Israel’s Better Place signed a contract with Renault in 2008 and developed a battery replacement electric sedan called Fulen ZE. Denmark and Israel were built, but they were not widespread and Bettate Place applied for bankruptcy in 2013. However, the battery replacement method was dormant in Europe, but it is expanding at once in China. Nio is currently able to exchange 30,000 times a day, leading the market, but some companies are trying to reduce the difference. CATL, a major battery manufacturing company, is investing in this technology, and the company says that it can be exchanged within one minute. Meanwhile, Oton New Energy (Okumo Shinno Source) has declared that in cooperation with 20 automakers, including Chang’an and East Winds, it will develop EVs with replacement batteries. Gerie (Kiri Train), a parent company of Volvo and Lotus, announced a plan to develop 5,000 replacement stations worldwide last year. In China, this technology is also used for taxis and trucks. According to a survey by Bloomberg NEF, 31%of 15,513 large commercial vehicles sold last year in 슬롯머신사이트 China are equipped with battery replacement technology. The fact that battery replacement is the closest to conventional fuel supply is also the same for oil companies around the world. Last year, the British oil giant BP had a partnership with Auton on the development of battery replacement services, and many of the Nio replacement stations were installed on the premises of Chinese oil -giant synopkes (Chinese petrochemaking). In December, Nio signed a contract with Shell and Europe and China to co -construct exchange stations.

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