“Inuyasha / BIG prize -winning voice suggestion and setting 6 rich production”

Inuyasha / BIG prize -winning voice suggestion and setting 6 rich production

* Suggests settings with voices when BIG winning

* Pressing the design to be aligned in the middle stage increases the generation rate of voice (pseudo -rotation).

* Dedicated voice occurs when successful Vita pushing

Kagome Higurai → “Inuyasha!”

Rin → “Killing Maru -sama!”

■ White 7BIG

Kagome Higurai “Sashimi!”

→ Setting 2 or more confirmed

Kagome Higurai “I’m already there!”

→ Setting 456 confirmed

Kagome Higurai “I believe and shoot, my arrow penetrates the four souls!”

→ Setting 56 confirmed

Inuyasha “I will protect you for life”

→ Setting 6 confirmed

■ At blue BIG

크레이지슬롯 Killing Maru “There is nothing that can not be cut in this killing circle”

→ → Setting 3 or more confirmed

Shintai [Inuyasha 6.5] Over 3000 Narphysium Battle! Bonus Super Hito’s Geki Rough Machine !! “Ichi Push Model CHECK!” [Slot Pachislot]

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