How Morgan William reacted to Notre Dame game-winner

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In 2017, it was Morgan William who stunned the world with her game-winning shot over UConn at the buzzer in overtime at the Final Four. By the time she got back to campus, she was a celebrity.

She said this week it was hard for her to go out in public after the tournament sometimes because people always wanted to take photos. And even after her team had a near-perfect season, it was still the shot she was asked repeatedly about during the 2018 Final Four.

And then, it happened again.

But this time, it was Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale who hit the biggest shot of the season to send UConn home before the title game. The Fighting Irish trended on Twitter nationwide. Kobe Bryant tweeted. And then tweeted again.

“I’m sure she’ll handle it like a pro,” said Morgan of the intense attention Ogunbowale would have to balance while preparing for the championship game on Sunday against William’s Mississippi State team. “She’s an All-American already so she had bigger games, but still on this stage against UConn, it’s a big shot. It’s going down in history books, it’s to be all over ESPN, all of the highlights.”.

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William said she was watching the game – which stretched well-past midnight thanks not only to an overtime finish but to the late finish of the first semi-final game, which also went into overtime.

“I was like ‘wow that’s a big shot,'” she said. “I was hoping there wasn’t going to be any more overtime because I was tired.”.

The plan for the shot, according to McGraw was for Ogunbowale to go one-on-one and drive to the basket.

“We didn’t think they’d foul,” she said on Friday. “Tie game, we didn’t want to put her on the free-throw line. We didn’t want to isolate her on the wing. She had a little trouble getting the ball. Took a little while. We wanted to use a little clock and shoot with five seconds left. We were trying to run the clock down. Fortunately, the way they were playing defensively, we had no choice but to use the clock.

“I probably should thank every catholic from coast to coast for all the prayers on Good Friday at the end of that game.”.

Ogunbowale added that the game-winner came off of something that “definitely wasn’t the play call.”.

“Like we switched who was going to take the ball out two or three times, me and Jackie (Young),” she said. “And then Jess (Shepard) had the open lane, and Marina (Mabrey) got it. And I was like, I guess I’ll go get it, and my team trusted me to have the ball at the end.”.

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