How Daniel DeBaun Seeks to Shield People From The Harmful Effects of EMF Exposure

Three Businesses, One Goal: How Daniel DeBaun Seeks to Shield People From The Harmful Effects of EMF Exposure

With electronic devices becoming an almost universal part of life today, people are constantly exposed to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. More than 95% of Americans own a smartphone or other mobile device, and most students and employees spend hours on end working in front of computers. There are studies suggesting that chronic exposure to EMFs has negative effects on the body, with short-term symptoms including headaches and tingling or burning sensations, while long-term effects include cancers, weakened immune system, and fertility issues.

The scientific findings on the harmful effects of EMF exposure have caused engineer and entrepreneur Daniel DeBaun to become increasingly concerned on how to protect himself, his family, and others. Having held leadership positions at major telecommunications companies for more than 30 years, DeBaun is no stranger to the various applications of EMF. In order to reduce the detrimental impact of EMF frequencies from digital technology and increase public awareness of the subject, DeBaun was involved in the creation of three businesses, each addressing different aspects of digital wellness and our relationship with technology.

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In 2011, DeBaun and his son, Ryan, founded DefenderShield, a company that seeks to improve digital wellness and reduce the harmful effects of technology with its range of EMF-shielding products. Its first product was the DefenderPad, which blocks heat and EMFs when a laptop computer is placed on a user’s lap, minimizing scientifically proven health risks such as a reduced sperm count and lowered fertility. Since then, DefenderShield has been producing a wide variety of EMF-blocking products, such as cellphone and tablet cases, pouches, bags, and blankets.

According to DeBaun, the introduction of 5G cellular networks several years ago introduced EMF frequencies that are too high to be blocked by most EMF shielding methods. This prompted DefenderShield to custom develop a fabric that can block these higher frequencies, up to 90 GHz, versus most shielding fabrics that can block up to 20 GHz. DefenderShield integrates this new fabric, coined Ultra Armor, in the majority of its products, especially phone bags and cases.

After releasing Ultra Armor shielding technology DeBaun realized that most Faraday bags, which block all incoming and outgoing signals for privacy and data security, in the market are unable to block 5G frequencies. The lack of full spectrum shielding allows criminals to hack into important devices using 5G high-frequency bands, compromising device owners’ safety and security.

This led DeBaun, in partnership with DefenderShield executives Michelle Klein and Kylen Ribeiro to create a second business, Ultra Armor LLC in 2021. Ultra Armor released a line of Faraday bags that offers unparalleled effectiveness in blocking all incoming and outgoing wireless radio signals, up to 90 GHz. This protects the devices inside the bag from cyberattacks, data hacking, and tracking, as well as natural or deliberate electromagnetic pulse (EMP) signals that can damage or destroy any electronic device.

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With DefenderShield and Ultra Armor shielding people and devices from EMFs, respectively, DeBaun also saw the importance of helping people become more resilient to the effects of EMF exposure, given that it is impossible to avoid today. As part of his advocacy to help people learn about the effects of EMF exposure, DeBaun is a frequent guest on podcasts, seminars, and at conferences. He is recognized as an international EMF expert, and he informs people about the various health effects of EMF and ways to reduce exposure, including how to improve the body’s response to environmental toxins.

2021 was a busy year for the team as they introduced the third business, Lightbody. Lightbody boasts a line of five nutritional supplements. Formulated in cooperation with expert clinicians, biologists, and chemists, Lightbody supports the body’s ability to become more resilient not only to the negative effects of EMF exposure but to all environmental toxins the body is exposed to daily. These supplements provide important micronutrients and antioxidants with high bioavailability to maximize cellular resilience and the body’s natural defenses. They additionally give foundational support to the immune system, cellular energy, and whole body health.

“We were successful at fixing several problems for the human body but no supplement provider was addressing this toxic exposure, this compelled us to solve this problem sooner rather than later,” said DeBaun. “We were maxed out and starting a third business was the last thing on our minds, but this is a health issue we were highly motivated to solve because our customers were still suffering.”.

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DeBaun also authored a book, titled Radiation Nation, which educates on technology and outlines the health risks of EMF radiation exposure, as well as offering actions people can take to protect themselves and their families.

DeBaun hopes his work, including that with the DefenderShield, Ultra Armor, and Lightbody brands, will help the public become more aware of the negative effects of technology, especially with children today being exposed to electronics from a very young age. He is very involved in holistic health, and makes sure to share what he has and what he knows with others.

“My career began as a corporate employee, working to meet corporate goals and objectives instead of my personal goal,” DeBaun says. “But, today, with DefenderShield, Ultra Armor, and Lightbody, my team and I get to bring products to the market that protect, nurture, and secure. We are making a small difference helping people maintain their health, which it turns out, was my life’s personal goal. Now, I go to the office but I feel like I’m not working when I see how our products help people.”.

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