Henry Winkler, Bruno Mars ‘love’ each other

Bruno Mars bumped into Henry Winkler in the SiriusXM hallway in New York today.

Check out the new (and somewhat unlikely) BFFs!

Bruno Mars was at the SiriusXM building today in New York promoting his new album Unorthodox Jukebox, when he walked by Henry Winkler, who was being interviewed by SiriusXM personalities Steve Covino and Rich Davis in front of a studio audience of fans/listeners.

In mid-broadcast, Winkler saw Mars through the glass studio and said, “Oh my God! I have wanted to meet [him] …”.

Mars then popped into the studio and interrupted the taping, which will air tonight on SiriusXM’s Town Hall with Henry Winkler at 6 ET on Channel 104, radio reps tells Lifeline Live.

“It’s Bruno Mars! I love you!” Said Winkler, 66.

“Are you kidding me?” Said Mars, 27. “I love you!”.

Winkler continued, “I love you. And I am going to tell you why — because greatness comes from people who need to do what they’re doing … And when I heard your first album over and over and over again, I heard you sitting in some apartment maybe in Brooklyn writing these songs about this person out there and it was pouring out of you like a river and then they went into my heart.”.

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A surprised and happy Mars said, “You heard that, critics? The Fonz gave me the stamp [of approval]! The Fonz!. This is a great man right here. You just made my day.”.

Mars added, “I’ve been wearing leather ever since … [Happy Days]. That is the ultimate male — that is the guy that walks into the room and everyone fears him. And he is still The Fonz, no matter what. He’s the best!”.

Cracked Winkler: “Let me just say: I would take a grenade for you.”.

Replied Mars: “Nice!”.

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