Half-naked woman shuts down South Carolina airport, leads to flight cancellations

A half-naked woman ran around a South Carolina airport Sunday, which caused flights to be canceled and the airport to be temporarily shutdown, the Florence Morning News reported.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office reported an “indecent exposure incident” occurred after noon when “a partially clothed woman sprinted through the airport’s runway and into a nearby wooded area,” according to WMBF.

Two American Airlines flights were canceled, one scheduled to land in Florence and another departing from the airport destined for Charlotte, WPDE reported.

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Florence Regional Airport Public Safety Officer Lee Marsh said the airport was closed for more than two hours while law enforcement searched for the woman who was wearing only underwear, per the Florence Morning News.

As flights circled overhead, the woman was eventually found by K-9 units hiding in a storm ditch, the newspaper reported.

“We flew from Charlotte and had to circle around for an hour and a half. Just landed back in Charlotte with no available seats left for the remainder of the day,” a woman said on Facebook, according to WPDE. “Felony charges should be brought against this lady for disrupting so many passengers. Who’s call was it to shut down an entire airport?”.

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But charges are not expected to be filed, according to Major Michael Nunn of the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, per WMBF. The woman was taken to an area hospital for a mental evaluation, the TV station reported.

“This is one for the books,” Marsh said in a Florence Morning News report.

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