“GR Yaris Recommended KW V-3 Installation makes it fun”

The oil I’m pushing for now


Power cluster

The man who is masculine

Super racing ATF

20L ordered …

(I want to say that you are a god)


Oil that is transformed.

The engine oil is good

If there is no mission

The car does not go


Is oil to move forward

ATF is important ~

It is said that there is a change in the replacement of the chot.

Because the manufacturers are always saying

There is no doubt that it will get better

I’ll try it at a later date

At that time again …


GR Yaris customer

Replace the seat,

Last time, install Energybox Basis BT

Without the delay of the throttle

It seems that driving is fun …


The time series is delayed, but …

Forged wheels and studless and Yu

This is also a masculine customer

So, because GR Yaris is an AT car

Brakes are also normal.

Certainly this gap is …

And the installation suspension

Personally intense KW

So, the choice of V-3.

That’s it.

Actually, MT cars are compatible

AT cars have not been confirmed …

Consult with the customer and consult with the manufacturer.

Explain the circumstances and from the customer

“Let’s go ~”

This is the case.

Moreover, it’s a pretty light glue …

(This is Sowasowa …)

I usually use it in various ways

This time, I’m doing this kind of challenge,

For the first time, those who have little use

I refuse …

After all, this coloring is good.

And because it is a city ride specification

Because the upper mount uses genuine

It’s mild.

If you look at the circuit in the field of view

It’s not a V-3, but a Clubsport …

At the same time, to the manufacturer

I had you witness, measured, and various data.

Because it is an FF car,

There is a problem that the rear height does not fall because the rear is light.

The desire for customers to try this damper is too strong

I installed this time.

There were some problems …

(As I said earlier,

It’s okay to ask a lot

I will not tell you what was the problem. )

After mounting

I think it’s going down because the suspension is not familiar.

As a result, Ko of rhinoceros.

It seems to be the best

The damping adjustment is also recommended

Because it has a strong feeling

I’m setting it so that it moves supple


There was another one …

Icode -san’s Toko

Handle spacer.

This is also a at unconfirmed

AT cars have paddles ~

Acord -san with Mochi Ron

I have never touched the AT car.

I’m pretty hiyahiya who orders ~

But I have done some preliminary research in advance.

I have a recalo,

In the first place, he is taller

The steering is far at the genuine position.

Your arm will grow.

I 카지노 understand this problem too ~

Really tough.

The feet are narrow when adjusted to the arm.

The arm stretches when you match your feet.

So, capture the paddle wiring

Safe installation completed

So, it’s easy to drive

This is recommended.

With GR Yaris ride

If you are tall, use this spacer

It will be comfortable

It was full of unconfirmed,

The installation is completed somehow

By the end

I was relieved …

Suspension replacement, etc.

I’m doing various things

Feel free to

Tire Hall National

Smart topic

good evening

It is the second generation “L”.

I think that the information -through is in the ear

It is said that Smaslo’s sales have been decided from November this year.

It has been rumored since last year

I understand that information.

Medal -less play machine “Smart Slot”

Digital management without any medal input or exhaust port

Naturally, most of the gaming machine errors are occupied

Because there are no selector errors and hopper errors.

I wonder if this is an advantage for the user even if it is taken to the hall side.

The first impression was that I felt.

After all I don’t like waiting time.

After that, control equipment costs

In the past, just installing a table is useless.

The cost of a transport machine that circulates medals and the cost of the island construction corresponding to it was a lot needed.

It is also very attractive to be able to cut the whole (although the initial cost depends on the cost …)

Also, from the user’s point of view, the most important point is that the advantageous section is unlimited.

I’m a little looking forward to seeing the world from now on what kind of feeling.

The model will be changed from the conventional “S Namura” to “L Namura”.

I wonder if L is L in SLOT.

Well, the lineup is also a rumor


Leather machine

The strongest creature ever

It seems that there are many

I have to expect it (゚ д ゚)

I imagined that the housing was more amazing, but is it surprisingly normal? Impression.

Also, if you have the opportunity to actually touch it, I hope you can continue the story.

Tomorrow is open at 9:00 in the morning.

Of course, Sumasuro has not been introduced yet (1st “)

I hope you can enjoy it with your favorite one. 해외토토사이트 (^^)

see you