“[FGO] Advanced Do Quest is the 5th installment. I’m not good at endurance! Hector is solid and strong! ]

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This time, it was a little slower than usual, but I would like to capture the fifth Advanced Quest.

The 5th Advanced Quest has been newly established.

My impression was that Hector was the most difficult! Because it was about it, I was able to defeat it at first glance while it was compatible with me.

Advanced Do Quest cannot borrow a servant from a friend, so if you only have a self -servant, it will be a bit painful.

Advanced Do Quest is always open, so I think it’s okay to try it after you have the same strength.

Poison ☆ Paradise

Battle 1 Saber x 15 (HP about 11,000 to 27,000)

At the opening of the gimmick, the gimmick was given to the entire master side (10 turns/HP-1000).

Poisoning all enemies when attacking. When leaving, release one poison of the entire master side.

Gimmicks are activated in one or two enemies every turn (treasure resistance, poisoning to the attacking opponent, giving stun).

The drop reward is four recollection shells.

This is the clear formation.

Oberon, Komei and Castoria are NP distribution staff.

This time, the fire of the whole treasure with a system attacker is very dangerous! (Or rather, I can’t)

If you attack enemies that have granted treasure resistance, you will get 10,000 damage in poison that cannot be released, and you will almost certainly leave.

If you have a guts, you may be able to withstand it once, but in the next turn, you will be desperate to leave due to gain or damage (; ´ ・ ω ・)

Therefore, it was a quest that requires many attackers that can shoot treasure.

As a poison countermeasure, I thought that if there was a supporter that could give weakness or weakness, other tactics would be possible.

This is a newly added dress in this advanced quest.

Star 4 dressing “Kai -shell on sand”. It looks like an ATK specialized dress.

It multiplies the drop rate of the recruitment shell 5 %.

A violent night

Battle 1 Lance Lot (HP about 303,000), Rider x ∞ (HP about 10,000 ~)

The gimmick ends the battle by defeating Lancelot.

The surroundings are replenished at the end of the enemy’s turn.

The drop reward is 4 phoenix feathers.

This is the clear formation.

Since the enemy is a Berserker, it is a forliner formation. After that, it was complemented with the rider’s weakness class assassin to durable.

It is a tactic that aims to win with a chestnut hit Van Gogh.

Lancelot will die one by one when there is a surroundings at the start of the enemy’s turn, and will give one (stun giving, skill seal, treasure seal seal) on a single unit.

Also, if the silver enemy is immediately killed, a charge 2 will be added to the lancelot.

I just put the buff with Van Gogh -chan, and let the lancelot crash.

Van Gogh, strong w very strong w

The dress that you can get is the second “Taikai no Taisho”.

It is a dress that multiplies the drop rate of the phoenix blades 5 %.

Hodo shining Hector

Battle 1 Hector (HP about 489,000)

The gimmick is a high -magnification damage cut state (15 times attack) to Hector.

The master side and the treasure attack on the treasure side are assigned to Hector with a “castle attack” state (one normal attack, two treasure attacks, and a decrease in the boss charge if it is given seven).

Hector gives himself an invincible (once) and a master side HP5000 reduction to each turn.

Before the treasure is activated, one defensive enhancement of the entire master side is canceled.

The drop reward is five hero proofs.

This is the clear formation.

This quest was the most difficult for me.

It should have been a single treasure saber instead of Orjuna.

I organized an orjuna with only the firepower, but it was tough.

It is the game after peeling the buff of Hector.

After that, I pushed it with the firepower w

The damage cut magnification is too high, and most attacks (including treasures) are zero damage.

If possible, you will need to attack this effect as soon as possible with a brave chain attack.

Also, after peeling, Hector is a hostile state once every turn, so you have to choose the second card to shoot the treasure.

However, there is no problem with the first treasure such as invincible penetration.

Achilleus, organized in this battle, has a special gimmick, and seems to be given a class compatibility advantage and invincible penetration state.

I should have taken Akireus … (+_+)

The dress that can be obtained this time is the second “Gyou’s Trail”.

It multiplies the drop rate of the hero’s proof of 5 %.

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