Fact check: Interruption of Biden’s speech related to gun policy, not son’s behavior

The claim: Video shows President Biden being heckled about son

Some social media users are sharing a video they say shows President Joe Biden being confronted about the purported behavior of his son, Hunter Biden.

In the video, Biden is shown delivering a speech related to the passage of recent gun legislation. He is interrupted by a person purportedly speaking off-screen.

Along with other comments, the speaker says: “What do you think about Hunter, your son? There is a video of him arguing with a hooker about how much crack he has.”.

After a few seconds, the video shows a man in a purple blazer purportedly interrupting Biden’s speech, but the man is not shown making comments about Biden’s son.

The Instagram handle @damonimani is shown in the corner of the video.

“Bravo! This brave man did what the Liberal Media will obviously never do,” reads the caption of a July 11 Instagram post that featured the video.

The video was viewed nearly 3,000 times in a week.

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But the video has been modified from the original. At an event commemorating the passage of new gun legislation, Biden’s speech was interrupted by the man shown in the video, Manuel Oliver. Oliver – the father of a school shooting victim – called for more action on guns and did not talk about Hunter Biden. The audio pertaining to the president’s son was added to the modified video.

USA TODAY reached out to the Instagram user who shared the video for comment.

Original video shows Biden being confronted about gun policy

Much of Oliver’s statements are inaudible in the original video, which can be viewed on the C-SPAN website. However, the White House transcript of the event only records statements related to gun policy.

Oliver’s gun policy-related interruption of the speech was widely covered by media outlets, including USA TODAY.

On July 11, the day he interrupted Biden’s speech, Oliver tweeted a photo of himself dressed in the purple blazer he was wearing during the event.

In the tweet’s caption, Oliver referenced his political organization, Change the Ref. The organization’s Twitter bio reads: “Our son Joaquin Oliver – 17 – was killed inside his school. We use urban art as creative confrontation to expose mass shooting disastrous effects in America.”.

Fact check:In 1982, Biden voted in support of an amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The @damonimani handle shown in the modified video seems to reference an Instagram user who posted the modified video to their account. The user told USA TODAY that they created the modified video. The user also referred to the video as a “meme” in the caption.

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Our rating: Altered

Based on our research, we rate ALTERED a video purportedly showing President Biden being confronted about his son’s behavior. The speech was interrupted by a school shooting victim’s father who was calling for more action on gun violence. The audio pertaining to Hunter Biden was added to the original video.

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