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About the value and essence of NFT

In this article, it will cover a topic that may be somewhat controversial.

As you can see from the title of the article, I want to discuss the value of ‘NFT’.

In fact, I dare to judge and discuss the value of NFT, but it’s overwhelming, but I’m a person who wants to understand, study, and make something in the future. It also includes the intention to persuade themselves ‘I’ because it must be paid.

Before I make a decision to go and act, I often see if it is worth it. NFT also thinks that I understand this market, learn about relevant knowledge, invest in the form of services or in the form of an article, investing money, investing money, and investing energy. I decided to clean up.

Recently, I had a salary negotiations at the company I was attending, and I asked for an increase in the amount that could be somewhat difficult to accept for the company, but thankfully, I accepted it and had enough value as much as my salary went up. I needed a basis for persuading myself from the standpoint of investing in the NFT -related fields and energy.

And when I write, there is one thing that I often mention to my precious readers, although it is a small number of times.

Most of my writings are that my thoughts are very subjective and personal.

Of course, before I write, I am prestigious enough, and I melt it in the article by referring to the articles or books written by famous experts, but I am writing by melting my values ​​and subjectivity.

Therefore, the value of the NFT I claim in this article can be different for the criteria for judging the value of the general and universal NFT that experts, authorities, and many people say.

Most of the NFT values ​​discuss the market size, price, social influence, and issues in the field, but I discuss value, but I start with the nature of NFT and ‘Value’ and start with universal value judgment criteria and my I will write the standard by adding the standard.

In the end, I hope you will read that you will also judge the value of NFT based on your own value judgment.

In this article, it will be more helpful to know the basic concept of NFT, but in this article, I will not deal with the basic concept of NFT. If you want to refer to the basic concept of NFT, what is ‘NFT’ I wrote a while before I read this article? ‘I hope to read the article first.

NFT nature

The essence of NFT is token.

NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible TOKE N’, which means that it is impossible to be replaced.

I think that the image comes to mind when I hear the word ‘token’ according to various experiences such as our job, age, and living environment. The meaning of the token that developers understand, the meaning of the tokens that understand the general public, the tokens that young people understand and the tokens that are generated by some age is different.

The nature of the NFT is token, but the term ‘token’ itself seems to cause confusion.

As a developer, I was confused about the meaning of tokens because of the token that I encountered in the development field.

But it’s easy to think about the developer’s knowledge.

In the real world, the word ‘token’ means is a certificate that can be used instead of the function of money. For example, the bus token used to use the old bus, and the chips used in the casino.

Tokens that replace the currency function are implemented in the virtual world using blockchain technology that cannot be forged.

In the case of such Bitcoin, the total amount of total troops is set at 21 million, and the current mining acts that 19 million are issued on the market.

In the end, all of the 19 million Bitcoins currently mined are the same price, and 1 Bitcoin can be traded with 1 bitcoin and replacement. It is called Fungible token (FT), or replacement token, where multiple coins, such as Bitcoin, are equal to each other, and can be replaced.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is attached to N (NON) before. Non is an English word that represents negative.

After all, it means that it is impossible to replace, and NFT means token that is not replaced.

NFT is a concept created above the same technology base called blockchain, such as coin, but unlike replacable coins, NFT means tokens that are not replaced.

The fact that it is impossible is that it is unique. As your iris or fingerprints are unique,

NFT is an impossible replacement token that gives specific ownership to certain targets.

If you draw a digital picture and publish it as an NFT, go to a specific NFT site, write and upload your picture and description, and stored it in a network called blockchain with the specific values ​​that are unique to the picture. Throughout the picture, it will be given the authenticity, ownership, and uniqueness.

In fact, even if you nFT and register on a specific blockchain, your picture will not enter the blockchain. Only text data that prove the information and ownership of the figure and the ownership remains in the blockchain network, and the original figure is stored in another repository separately.

The reason why it does not store the reality of assets such as pictures or videos into the blockchain is simple.

This is because the capacity is large. The blockchain network is divided and stored in all users around the world who use blockchain, so if you have 10 million blockchain participants, you will be shared and stored on 10 million people when you register your picture into the blockchain. . For this reason, it is effective to contain only information about the picture in the blockchain block. If you save both pictures and videos, you may have a significant network load and performance deterioration.

Buying NFT is probably to buy token information in the blockchain network.

This means living a codes stored in the block. The information is only a signal of 0 and 1 stored in a small corner of a myriad of memory spaces in the computer world, which is expressed through the two signals (ON/OFF), that is, 0 and 1.

I can’t touch or see the NFT I bought, nor do you know where it is stored.

In the end, the nature of the NFT is token, and it is only an ambiguous code piece to say that it is impossible to replace it by adding non-fungible.

Because of the characteristics of these virtual assets that there is no reality, many people argue that it is not worth because there are many skeptical and negative opinions on cryptocurrency or assets such as coins and NFTs, and there is no reality. It seems to be. I want to say to those who make this claim. ‘Is it worth without reality?’

If the reality is unclear, it may be difficult to judge the value, but at least ‘no value’ is not an appropriate expression. Without reality, I think 크레이지슬롯 that the logic that is not worth is very deeply thought.

I will explain why I think so.

It’s not worth if there is no substance?

This logic denies almost everything we agree that we are generally valuable.

Before discussing the value of the NFT, we must think about the value criteria that we generally agree that it is valuable. The object that can judge the value is not just fixed, and everything that exists in the world is the object.

And since we are human beings, we have no choice but to give and judge certain objects.

The criterion of value judgment varies from person to person and may vary depending on the state and ideology, but there is a universal value by the consent of a specific society.

As such, each person has different tendencies and backgrounds, so there are other opinions in the process of judging whether or not it is worth a particular object, but there is one thing that has the value of the highest dignity that everyone in the world cannot rebutt. do.

It is money.

The reality of ‘money’, which is regarded as the best value of the present age

The question is why money is worth it, so we recognize that money is worth it so much that it sounds ridiculous. But if you think about it, the money is just a piece of paper and a colorful picture that has artistic value, but it is just a thing that can be taken indefinitely with a machine, but the value that can be exchanged with almost everything in this world. It has.

And we don’t doubt that money is worth it. We have been naturally accepted that money is valuable and believe it.

In the old days, the primitive society, which had no concept of money, lived with self -sufficiency. However, since the beginning of being converted into agricultural society, human civilization has rapidly developed and the productivity is gradually improved, and the remaining goods are used to exchanged the remaining items, and these barter exchange becomes more frequent, and the types of products and the types of goods they want each other are diversified. In order to solve the inconvenience of the inconvenience, the concept of money was created by creating an intermediate medium called money and giving the value to exchange with other objects through agreement and promise with people.

And today we have used coins and paper pieces with certain pictures as money,

If we collect these paper pieces, we can buy almost everything we want.

The reality of money seems to be a piece of paper or a coin, but in fact, the reality of ‘money’ is a social promise and credit to use it as a means of value exchange, and promises and credit are the imaginary products that were born in the imagination of human beings that do not exist in this world. It’s like.

The reason why the world’s best -selling writer ‘Harari’ is the reason why humans can achieve highly developed civilizations in the book Sapiens is because of the ability to imagine collectively and the order of imagination. It is just a promise.

Eventually, humans have created an imagination of money and believes that they are valuable because they believe that others are valuable.

In one example, the total amount of money issued worldwide is about $ 60 trillion, but the total amount of money and coins in the real world is less than $ 6 trillion, which is one tenth of the total amount. What this means is that most of the real things we use are the numbers in the bank computer or database.

Money is only a number in memory, and there is no reality.

As such, most of the things we believe are taken for granted and universally valuable are based on the order of human imagination, and eventually the values ​​created in imagination without reality. Only ‘money’ is an example, but in fact, things that are considered universally valuable in our society, such as religion, ideology, corporation, and occupational group, do not exist a bit deeply.

What are the universal value judgment criteria in our society?

If there is no reality of what we have believed to be worth it, what are the conditions and standards that we can believe that we are worth it?

1. Social promises and agreements must be made.

What is worth it means that many people believe it is worth it.

The first criterion for judging value is that most members of the society agreed and agreed to promise to promise to be value.

As such, it is worth the money because the social promise was used to use the paper as a certificate that can be exchanged with all the objects and call it ‘money’.

Since we humans are dignified and precious, there is a social consensus that the sovereignty of the state is in the people and the system of politics for the people is needed.

There is an omnipotent being that made us humans and made the universe, and the infinitely weak man is valued in the idea that he must believe and follow the god who made us.

After all, the value of everything is only given value when human beings agree and agree with them.

In fact, as long as the majority of society agrees and accepts that the majority of society is worth it, those who are rebellious have no choice but to live a lone life.

What if the medieval Europeans don’t go around the earth, but the earth is rebelling around the sun?

If North Koreans say that communism is worthless and is like a trash.

In our society, if you tell high -level candidates that the SAT and good universities are told by large corporations, public corporations, and others that money is not worthwhile, meaningless, and no reality exists.

Regardless of whether this is right or wrong, it is likely to be buried in the society.

Human beings cannot live alone because of social animals. In order to coexist with other members of society, we have no choice but to acknowledge, accept, and accept things that are believed to be valuable in the society.

Therefore, the value of something is the most important factor in determining the value scale of the social promise and consent between the members of the society and that the majority are valuable.

2. scarcity

It is used in the same way as ‘value’ that we say ‘expensive’ is ‘value’.

So, if we usually ask to think of ‘expensive things’, (I can’t own a lot of expensive things.) The diamonds and gold come to mind first.

In some ways, if you think about the reason why it is expensive and the reason why it is expensive, which is only a solid mineral mass, there are many reasons, but the biggest reason is because of the scarcity that is not easy to find.

Rareness means that there are many people who want, but they do not have it all or have no one.

I don’t know the exact reason, but diamonds and gold have been used as a high value exchange since ancient times, and have been used as a currency of many countries or empires.

Among the reasons for diamonds and gold expensive, there are beauty such as the colorful appearance and color of these minerals, but because of the difficult conditions for diamonds and gold to produce, the amount of gold and diamonds that are relatively smaller and mined than other minerals are relatively smaller than other minerals. The value of scarcity is inevitably increased, and is it the reason why it is expensive.

As mentioned earlier, it seems that the value has become more shining as the social promise and consensus have been made and proven to have a high value with diamonds and gold.

So gold is considered a safe asset. If the gold is not large, the price fluctuates, and as time goes by, the price rises by economic development, but in the case of the money we use, the money (money) that we use is not limited and can be taken by machine at any time. Depending on the issue, prices have plummeted and soaring, and stability is not guaranteed.

When people have something that they can’t easily have, they feel like they have become more special than others, and they feel joy while showing off.

Even if you play a game, rare items, rare items, and unique items are hard to find. Even in everyday life, when purchasing a specific product, there is an unfortunate way to buy a limited edition product that is produced/selling with only a certain quantity than the product that is indefinitely printed.

As long as there is a human desire to have such scarcity, the value of scarcity will continue to be maintained in the future.

3. Usage

All things have the intention of each item and their uses.

Naturally, isn’t everything recognized because everything is used?

The use is so basic that it will not be explained for a long time, but basically, the car is used as a means of transportation, and the pencil is used as a handwriting means, and the smartphone has various uses that make our daily lives comfortable. You must receive it and have to be used to be recognized by people. If there is no use of things that can be taken indefinitely, it will be difficult to be recognized.

4. Story

As far as I know, almost everything that was recognized for its high value in this world had a story of the person who made it, the story of it.

The story here is not only a simple story, but also a variety of elements such as the values, philosophy, life history and reason of the person who made something, and the essential, commercial, and social values ​​that are contained in it. It is expressed as. (Please note this ..)

The story moves the human mind. This is the special power of the story.

Moreover, modern society is also called the era of storytelling. We live in the flood of information overflowing with the information we want to get a lot of information with a few touches, and in the situation where we need to choose one of many options, companies, products, works, ideology, political, economy, and culture, etc. Things that lack the story are often far from people’s interests.

It’s been over the time when I only need to convey the facts. In fact, the delivery is basic, exciting and sympathetic to something, and the possibility of being imprinted and chosen by the hearts of people should be imprinted and chosen. The a lot of people’s choices means that they have been recognized by many people.

Global companies also have a story about their own principles, philosophy and backgrounds.

For example, Apple, which has been recognized for its highest corporate value in the world, is an example of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs’s story in the background that Apple has grown into a successful company with the best innovation of this era.

Apple with their own values ​​and philosophy of seeking the process of establishing Steve Jobs, co -founder Wozniak and Apple, and making a successful company, pursuing the core, changing the people -centered world, and creating value through connections. He led him to create an innovative product. They re -define the core definition of the tool of computers, and unveiled the paradigm of “smartphone” that completely reversed our daily lives beyond the computer.

Every time I released Apple’s own philosophy, values, and stories and high technology, I impressed customers every time I released it to the world, fell into the story of Steve Jobs and Apple, and unconditionally loved Apple’s brand, and Apple Whatever the product, it has become a powerful brand that makes you buy it without asking and asking.

Apple had a story about the essential values ​​and reasons for the world, and fulfilled it with technology and provided products and services to customers. So no matter how much you have a technology that can make a smartphone that is better than Apple today, it’s hard to go beyond Apple’s powerful stories and brand power.

As such, only Apple’s company is an example, but it is a story to understand the essence of the object that judges value regardless of any field and form, whether it is a company, a product, a service, a work, or a work of art. Is very important.

If you assume that there are two products with the same performance in the same design,

Just listing and delivering specs and facts and conveying the inspiring story of the product can be more imprinted and recognized by people?

The value of the NFT I think (is it worth or not?

In conclusion, I believe that NFT will be higher in the future.

For the first reason, it has been accelerated in the aftermath of the recent corona, but in the process of digitizing our daily lives and industries in the future, NFT is presenting the future of digitized assets, and it is a new concept that is not yet used to us. Although it is not entered, influential individuals and organizations such as major large companies, IT companies, celebrities, and politicians around the world are entering the NFT market, and the participation of NFT creators and the general public around the art world increases rapidly, The market size is increasing.

As you can see from last year (2021) and this year (2022) NFT -related issues, I think this is the stage where NFT is starting to recognize value as a digital asset little by little. (Of course, as with all the early stages of innovation and change, there are a lot of negative news, but it’s a fact that is very hot all over the world.)

For the second reason, NFT created the concept of value of scarcity that can be applied in the digital world. NFT creates a concept of token that is not replaced by a unique ownership of digitized specific assets, and can easily create 100% of the same copy through a simple method of copying + paste. It is a new way in the digital world that is difficult to establish.

Of course, the value and concept of scarcity given in the NFT world are very different from the term scarcity that we were used to. The concept of scarcity that we universally recognizes is a real thing that resources are limited, such as diamonds and gold, and it is recognized that this is a real existence, but the concept is that it is only one genuine in this world that it has registered a few tokens in digital pictures that can be indefinitely cloned. It can be difficult to accept.

In the end, however, the concept of ‘scarcity’ itself is also a value system created by humans and is only an imagination order.

In the real world, the value system of scarcity has been created and there was a social consent and agreement, so the value has increased in consistent with the concept of scarcity. In the digital world, if a social commitment is established to define the concept of scarcity, to make it a value system so that it can be used here, and to grant certain digital assets, to recognize the ownership of the assets, this is also a new value system. It can be defined.

The NFT presented the concept of an unthinkable token and the uniqueness of digital assets, and the new value system of scarcity, and now the market will decide whether or not to accept it. However, as always, when the bubble of technology is missing and commercialized, it does not matter as a participant in the market, but if you are greedy to preoccupy and lead the market, it is already late.

Finally, when I need to judge the value of something, I want to tell you to see figures, statistics, and more.

There are two sides in everything, negative and positive opinions.

In particular, when the techniques and times the era come to change the paradigm of everyday life, such as blockchain, NFT, coins, and methuses, there are always overwhelming global issues and gossip. It is a future innovation technology, a new future, a technology that maximizes everyday convenience, and is a bubble, a bubble, a bubble, a specific influential group is a scheme for sucking the general blood. Negative opinions and issues arise. It is inevitable because everyone’s thoughts and values ​​are different. It is evidence that it is so natural that it is so natural that it is in the world of streets around the world, whether negative or positive.

If you are greedy to enter early markets such as NFT and preoccupy the early stuff and market and invest in value, you should not be swung by gossip and issues that are produced around them.

I think it’s missing a too bad opportunity to give up your plan as you are wielded by negative news, wielding the surrounding reactions, and swinging the negative predictions and words of experts. It is also an undesirable behavior.

Those who live and eat issues and gossip are inevitable that people’s interest is their own rice, so they have no choice but to produce issues, whether positively or negative. It is because it is not a big deal. Of course, do not completely ignore gossip and issues. In the end, the NFT will also be influenced by the determination of the voices and reactions of those who participate in the market, and this voice is common to be recognized by people through the media and media. However, rather than being buried too much, I think it is more important to understand the nature of the object of setting up your own value judgment and judging value.

The news and gossip representing the voice of the market are only referenced, and if you choose by your own standards rather than being swayed by it, you don’t regret it even if my thoughts are wrong later.

For this reason, I believe that NFT will be more recognized in the future.

여기서 한 가지 유의해야 할 사항은 나는 NFT가 가치가 있다고 선언하는 것이 아니고,

나는 NFT가 가치가 있다고 믿는다라고 말한 것이다.

모든 가치는 상대적이다.

가치를 판단하는 기준은 인간이고, 나 또한 그 인간 중 하나일 뿐이다.

하지만 사회적 기준을 잠시 내려놓고, 자신이 가치가 있다고 믿으면 그것은 가치가 있는 것이다.

내가 가치가 있다고 해서 여러분이 가치가 없다고 믿는다면 그것은 가치가 없는 것이 되는 것이다.

그래서 나는 나만의 가치 판단 기준으로 NFT가 가치가 있다고 믿는다.

여러분의 생각은 어떠한가?

This is KNN Paul Kanda!

In the first quarter of 2015 Q1 (September to December), an announcement was made to hit the highest sales of the century this century. Dawn today, Apple announced the iPad Air2 iPad Mini3 latest OS X10.10 Yosemite.

I believe that smartphones and tablets are in the era of size vulnerable ratio confrontation rather than specifications. The weight design of cheapness is important for carrying around. However, it has already been a mature product category, and it is a group that has become less different from differentiation.

The iPad mini and the iPad Air are completely denied in Jobs’s iPad philosophy, but this size can be said to be the products created by users’ voices and Andoroid marketing. The company called Apple is reflected in the product at the Apple Store, etc., but has never been made as the user says. It was a company that found the truth in the psychology behind the user’s voice.

Why can’t the latest OS Yosemite 10.10 can rise?

Developer development on Yosemite should be progressing smoothly. Already, developers are developing new software and iOS8 apps using the beta version of Yosemite …

However, there is no release of products that will dance crazy from developers … Why?

Isn’t that because the update of the upcoming OS Yosemite is only a minor update for Apple?

First of all, if I was a Tim Cook, it would have been waiting for the major version of [OS XI (11)] instead of 10.10, and the OS X9.9 was divided into small numbers and minor updates. Unlike Microsoft, we distribute OS for free, so we don’t care. One of the reasons why I can’t get up the keta is that the iPhone was born in 2007 because of the integration between OS X and iOS. That would be Apple’s biggest aim.

So I think that OS XI is the biggest goal for Apple. At that time, human behavior data would be accumulated by Apple Watch as much as Google … … And the future prediction story is here….

The latest OS Yosemite 10.10 is an apple OS for Apple …

I enjoyed the announcement of Yosemite at the WWDC. However, when the release of iOS8 could not be released at the same time, the link with iCloud began to be suspicious. The update group from iOS7 suffered from coordination with iCloud. Above all, I can’t find an iPhone and when I run a search for an iPhone …

An alert like this appeared. If you were stolen at this time, you would be relieved that Yosemito appeared.

Great to see the new features of Yosemito! Although it reacted, it was already a sense of observing …

The search at Safari has already been used in Google Chrome for several years, and has gained a lot of things with a third -party plug -in and has gained an experience that can never return to Safari. Maps, calendars, and emails have already disappeared in Google. Conversely, if you try to link with Apple genuine products, you need to do various intermediary. Will Spotlight search for Wikipedia, Bing, and iTunes on Spotlight? If you use Bing, you will usually google (laughs). Both MailDrop and iCloud Drive have already been resolved in Evernote and Dropbox. Especially, isn’t Message etc. in time on LINE or Facebook?

The problem is that the splendor of Yosemite is that you put all the abilities to enhance the Apple app? 。 Not only Apple products, but also all applications are not a problem to use only Apple native genuine products. But even a little, it doesn’t seem like a gospel for those who use other non -genuine services and services.

Is Apple a platformer or a manufacturer?

There are many good things about Apple, and it is clear that we are trying to provide users the best environment. However, those response has always been delayed. The follow -up function of Android has also become noticeable. Also, that may be the appearance of exclusive rivals against Google and Amazon.

Despite being a platformer, I feel that there is a lot of OS -level and favored apps and services. Even if Microsoft once spread the IE of the browser in Windows95, you can see it as a GUI monkey mane OS.

If you are a hardware maker and an app and content market plot former, shouldn’t it not only follow the flat design, but also the regulation is always flat?

Perhaps now, if Apple makes Surfacert with Apple Service alone, it will be perfect.

But Apple has no LINE, no Facebook or Twitter. Finally, in cooperation with iOS8 and Yosemito, I was able to call the outer world (and communication carrier line) from the Mac to the outside world like Skype. In the past, Macintosh was cheap without calling an NTT operator with a software called [Teresearch 104] (laughs).

And no one is gone …

Yes, there are fewer developer intervention, and an app creator is an Apple program platformer. The only major Mac development is the iPhone case and accessories. Claris is gone and Claris Works is gone. And it was only Microsoft Office. If you think you are away from the office, the honeymoon will continue … However, Office2011 three years ago is the latest version. Both Pages, Number, and Keynote are excellent, but they get angry from society if they can not be opened by email. FinalcutPro, which was a high -end video editing, became IMOVIEPRO (laughs), and the stupid macpro, which was compatible with various slot cards, has become a trash bin body that is not made by professional cards.

Indeed, it is important to steer Tim Cook in the future. A platform with an Apple Propriet -like idea in Disneyland ethics for Android apps that have no developers and have a turbid app.

It turns the comfort of Apple’s environment created by the exquisite tuning between hardware and OS from the CPU development. However, the closer the application environment running on it, the more you need to be prepared to take you until you die, along with the supreme ecstasy. Yes, Apple must be a company that is fascinated by technology, not a marketing element. There is no point in becoming a cathedral and bazaar.

There is no need to hurry to install Yosemito in a hurry to me now. Naturally, new OS has a good risk of defect. However, Apple’s Macintosh OS had a drug -like magic that would make you want to install it, even if you take such a danger. I wanted to experience the pleasure of the machine 더나인카지노 after inserting the OS as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Yosemite cannot feel the magic. I have no courage to make the replacement life of Google and SNS only from scratch to Apple. I don’t feel the need to do what I can do elsewhere. If you are not Apple who can do what you can’t do elsewhere … but next year, AppleWatch will be able to analyze human behavior for the first time comprehensively and objectively. There is no doubt that Yosemite and iOS8 will be the starting point.

Today, I decided to install Yosemite as Yosumite.