Elmo vs. Rocco, Wordle scores and ‘Euphoria’ costumes: Our favorite memes of 2022 (so far)

We’re done with red flags all over our social media feeds.

Weeks into the new year, social media users have moved on to new viral memes, ranging from jabbing dark HBO dramas to laughing at long-running jokes on “Sesame Street.” In 2022, people are picking out what they would wear to school on the TV show “Euphoria,” sharing their daily Wordle scores and wondering why Elmo should share a cookie with a pet rock.

If you don’t understand why you’re seeing Rocco on your social media feeds or Wordle’s colorful green blocks, here’s what you need to know about some of the top memes of 2022 – so far.

What would you wear to Euphoria High?

On TikTok, some users have noticed the seeming lack of a dress code, or other rules, enforced at the fictional high school on the popular show “Euphoria.”.

Fans of the show will know that the elaborate costumes might not be allowed in most schools across the country, but it hasn’t stopped TikTok users from showing off their own ideas.

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Elmo vs. Rocco

Social media users also can’t get enough of the rivalry between Elmo and Rocco on “Sesame Street.” One 2004 clip of a “Sesame Street” character, Zoe, asking Elmo to save a cookie for Rocco, a pet rock, has garnered millions of views.

But Elmo assured fans on Twitter last month that he and Zoe “practiced sharing and are still best buds forever.”.

Are you playing Wordle?

You might have seen rows of colorful blocks on your social media timelines recently as people share their scores from the daily word game Wordle. In the game, players have six tries to correctly figure out a secret five-letter word.

But others have also joked about about sharing results from the popular game.

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