“[Dragon Quest Walk] Casino Information Organization”

The exchange period is approaching


Casino season 1: 22/9/12-23/3/9 (25 weeks and 3 days)

First half: 22/9/12-22/12/12 (13 weeks)

Casino Lan Creet

Late: 22/12/12? ~ 23/3/9

Win coins are common in the first half

Season 1 prizes will continue to be replaced even in Season 2

Season 1 WIN coins are available in Season 2 (exchanging)

Number of play coins acquired (expected)

Note: Let’s regularly turn slot (or Mahjong)

Min Dora -san information

It is complicated because it is calculated by the monthly conversion, so I should change it to the week (Boss)

Play coins that can be obtained in a week

・ Play coin (rare): 3000 sheets

・ 5000 steps per day: 3500 sheets (although it may not be possible to achieve every day because of rain, physical condition, and mood)

・ Weekly mission: 3500 sheets

・ Play coin (normal):? ? ? Sheet

Except for play coins (normal), just 10,000 copies

→ 250,000 copies because it is 25 laps of season period


Casino first reward (up to Casinoster II): 12,000 sheets (first half)

Clean and error in the period

Play coins (normal) surveys that can be obtained in one week are necessary.

When I said, this came

3000 sheets / week

There is a casino release commemoration, but how many times can I get it?

Play coin → Win coin

I haven’t seen a clear expectation yet

In the first place, it is difficult to converge to the expected value because it is a distorted histogram.

(Example: If it is a drafet stand, Gold Three 7 will come out and it will change significantly.)

・ Drake stand

I think that the expected value can be calculated by the combination of the outing, but it depends on how to build a program inside.

Even if you can get the expected value as I wrote above, just a reference value

It’s time loss to relax when it seems to be aligned

Three Seven came out while brushing my teeth

I decided to take a screenshin in a hurry, but I couldn’t make it in time

I felt like gold, but it might have been a normal color when I looked at the result.

If it was gold, it would be super miserable except it.

・ Ryuou stand

The dragon king will come out w

Nakama Kandata was strong

If you can be a strong character friend, you will be stronger in the challenge battle, the number of bonuses will increase, and as a result, coins will increase (it seems to

When the strong character becomes a friend, should I keep turning the slot until I lose?

Conversely, Hoimi Slime!

There is no value in you who do not recover! Instead of slime night! (Half joke, half serious

Level 30 Brave Slime vs Ryuou

The level MAX of Dragon Quest II is 30, so it’s a bit emo and a squash w

* I lost

Does the level of the hero slime affect the probability of resuscitation and critical attack when the number of attacks is defeated? (Impressions of the first look

I hope that this work to change the playcoin to Win coins, I want you to increase it a little faster.

Of course I do it by leaving the terminal, but it still takes time

I can’t do leveling at this time.

It can no longer be replaced at a certain rate (because the rate is lower than expected)

It’s a normal exchange station and it’s a story

Mahjong is a rule, so so for now

Over time, I have to do the mission

Mahjong strong people seem to be efficient to earn here

But when it comes to the bottom (ノ ∀`) Achar

Exchange product

Play coin → Win coin replacement efficiency (expected value) and how? About 1.5?

I would like to grouper in personal priority

・ Metal king coin: 10,000 copies (the number of exchanges can be replaced once a month)

・ In Metahoi, 1500 sheets (once a week)

・ In the Hagu meta, a bukuro: 700 (twice a week)

2900 sheets x 25 weeks = 72500 sheets to take a fluffy every week

60,000 copies for 6 months with metal king coins

Up to this point, it is easy to clear the play coin (usually) without picking up (250,000 VS play coins)

・ Ryuou no Egg: 15,000 sheets

・ Ryouu Egg: 50,000 copies (unlimited) ← I wanted to get a personality, I didn’t have a bonus!

(Monster battle can never be done here)

・ Gold Ladatom Equipment: 30,000 copies each

Almost appearance equipment

It can be set to 6 % (1 convex) on the head, top and bottom, respectively, respectively.

(It is unknown whether it will be convex in the future because it can be replaced by one time this time).

・ Ryuo head: 150,000 sheets

Completely looked equipment

(Slue is recommended except for Complete, Dragon Quest II Love)

・ Ryuou no Egg Super: 500,000 sheets

(If you can ignore this, make it much easier)

・ Legendary pyroxene: 100,000 sheets

(This is not the only thing. Is it 카지노 ignored?)

・ Viganeness, stamps, scratch style

(Each person is personally annoyed.)

・ Experience pearl: 1000 pieces (the number of exchanges can be replaced once a month)

・ A strong enemy exchange ticket, gold pearls, hawklos, mamoto food

It’s been 6 months, so you don’t have to be impatient, but I think it’s necessary to do how much you have to do for the reward you want to take.

Let’s think together!

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