Constitutional News # 5502: The Tokyo District Court sentenced to a four -year prison sentence by Defendant Akimoto Akimoto, a casino corruption! Former Liberal Democratic Party, former Vice Minister of Cabinet Office, incumbent parliamentary member!



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(Kaori Fukushima: Journalist)

The other day, in Thailand, a Chinese citizen of Cambodian (Chinese residents who have acquired Cambodian nationality) were arrested for cross -border illegal gambling.

I wonder if it is a common cross -border gambling case, and this suspect is a person known as “Kawai Kai”, which was a big overseas Chinese known to those who know Southeast Asia, and also invested a huge amount of a huge investment in the Chinese national project “Ichigo Road”. rice field.

According to Bangkok Post, Thai Police caught Cambodian nationality by August 13 on the charges of illegal cross -border gambling crimes based on the international nomination of the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO). He is a Cambodian nationality, but has been decided to be repatriated to China. It is said that it was the 佘 佘 凱 凱, and based in Myanmar, it was developing dark businesses such as online fraud, personal trading, and organs in Southeast Asia.

In the Philippines, make a rough profit against the Chinese

It was born in a rural village in Hunan in 1982, and since 1996, it has been changing about 20 occupations, including car repair, shampoo sales, guardman, and massage shop management in Guilin, Guangxi Wan Autonomous Region. In 1999, he decides to launch the Internet business in the chat room of Tencent’s SNS “QQ”.

He rented a small hut, established a game company, and developed an online game. Later, he went to Southeast Asia 카지노게임사이트 with a certain Fukudan boss (probably a mafia) and made a lot of money in the development of games. He goes south to the Philippines. The game development at this time is probably a gambling game.