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Hey there, listeners. It’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. It’s a new year, and a lot of times, we’re thinking about new things we want to do, resolutions, a lot of the goals that we’re thinking about for 2022. You also may be thinking about ways that you can kind of clean up your life, you know? Both real world and digitally. My colleague, Kim Komando, writes about this for a story, that you can read on tech.Usa.Com. It’s called Five Smart Ways to Clean Up Your Digital Life for the New Year. I’m going to focus on two of these, right here. And I think there are two that are super important. One is email and one is your web browser. Let’s start with email. You might be someone that has tons and tons of emails and unread messages in your inbox. I am one of them. There are some tricks that you can use, to clean up that inbox and automate that cleanup.

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Kim talks about some of the steps that you can take to do this. You can use search filters, obviously, on your email app, to find emails by category, by size, a lot more. And one example she gives is: maybe you have a ton of emails from a company that you don’t want anymore. You can search for the email address, and then you can easily just get rid of them all. If you’re in Gmail, for example, she says, “You can hit select all conversations at the top of the page and then hit the trash icon,” and it gets rid of every single message from that email address. Really quick and easy way. If you get a lot of random auto-subscribe emails, and you just have a ton of them, and they’re just clogging up your inbox, and you barely read them, you can do that.

Also, if you want to set yourself up for the future, you can unsubscribe to a lot of that stuff, in case you don’t have any use for it anymore, and you’re ready to move on. That’s one of the best ways to do it. The other area in your digital life, you can clean up, is your web browser. It never hurts to clear your cache; that way, it helps your browser run a little bit more smoothly.

One of the things to note though, about clearing your cash on your web browser, is that it will remove your logins. So if you’re logged into websites, it’ll erase those. So, you have to log back in again. That’s something to keep in mind. If you’re in Chrome and you want to clear your cache, you just go to the three dot menu in the top right. You go to “More tools”, and then you clear your browsing data. And you can set up how you want to clear your browsing data, as well; if you want to just clear it for a certain period of time; if you want to clear it just for all time, so it’ll just go from the very beginning and clear it all, you can do that.

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It’s a good way to keep your browser running and up to date and really just makes the experience a lot easier. And of course, Kim details this across various browsers. If you’re using Firefox, if you have Microsoft Edge, if you have Safari; whatever it is, it’s good to just go in there, clear your cache, clear your history. And that way, you have a fresh browser to start the new year. You can read more of Kim’s tips on how to get a fresh start for your digital life for the new year in her story on tech.Usatoday.Com.

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