Celebration of the 60th birthday

We had you celebrate your 60th birthday

60 roses bouquets

I received an expensive gift

Y Ji who turned 60 the other day

I will be 60 years old next year

Second life! ?

No bonus life!

I want to have a fun laughter ~~

I got drunk with high -end champagne

It seems that you’ve shouted, “I’ll do karaoke ~~~

I almost don’t remember …

Maybe two Candies? kana

Maybe this is probably just jamming (;^ω^)

What are you singing 바카라사이트/a> well? ?

yeah? What is it? ?

I wonder if I’m singing in the moist Showa mood song

From Daisuke Shima ~~ Yokohama Ginbae (laughs)

I got an expensive gift

I will use it carefully

Jaya ~~~ n! !

Baccarat flower base

Calm chic red

I immediately tried the color

60 roses are divided into two vases ~

He chose the color that I didn’t like


Click here for apparel brand

↓ ↓

Nice to meet you, your profile

Please take a look ♡

How is your husband this? Saying

I bought

Nitori’s item … !!

Highball glass 😂

The glass is quite sticky

I want to 슬롯나라 use only what I like without having a lot

I can’t buy it unless I like it ..

This glass

Isn’t it really delicious to drink highball? 😂

Because my husband seemed to really want it

I bought it unintentionally! ✨

After all it is this heat

Highball seems to be delicious

This mug 🍺

It was very popular among shelves! !