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Buy from Otako

2 minutes walk from Tennodai Station north exit

1-13-36 Shibasaki-Odai, Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture

℡ 0471379444

Business hours 10:00-17:00

Regular holiday Saturday

Our shop, as well as branded goods, precious metals, and jewelry, we purchase various items regardless of genre, such as vouchers, vintage products, alcohol, toys, and tools.

Please feel free to contact us because we will be happy to accept the assessment alone ヾ (*´∀) (∀ `*)

September 22, 4th, precious metal purchase price (price/1G)

Gold products (price/1G)

K24 \ 7,941

K22 \ 7,269

K20 \ 6,535

K18 \ 5,854

K15 \ 4,589

K14 \ 4,286

K12 \ 3,641

K10 \ 3,011

K9 \ 2,692

Platinum products (price/1G)

PT1000 \ 4,073

Pt950 \ 3,858

Pt900 \ 3,643

Pt850 \ 3,390

Pt800 \ 3,178

Pt750 \ 2,966

[Today’s purchase example]

K18 Necklace 30g x K18 purchase price 5,854 yen/1g

Purchase payment amount 175,620 yen

* There is no assessment fee or fee.

* Please note that the purchase price may be cheaper for items without engraving, overseas products, and no hole marks.

* Please note that there are many purchasers with different purchase prices and purchase prices at stores on the website.

* Customers who are considering selling precious metals can be used for home use, so the weight of the precious gold to be sold is generally acceptable, so contact the purchase price to the purchase price after grasping. We strongly recommend that you go afterwards.

* Purchase stores that do not tell you the precious metal purchase price are not recommended for reasons such as “you can not teach unless you see scratches and designs” when making a telephone inquiry.

* The purchase criteria for no -brand goods are basically not related to scratches, design, damage, or initials. The purchase price is determined by the weight.

[Our cash ticket purchase interest rate]

Nationwide department store common gift certificate 1,000 yen purchase interest rate 97%

(Published by Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, Isetan)

JCB gift 1,000 yen purchase interest rate 97%(new ticket pattern)

JTB nice gift 1,000 yen purchase interest rate 97%(new ticket)

Telephone card 50 degrees purchases 350 yen

Telephone card 105 degrees purchase price 600 yen

* Please note that if there are broken, torn, dirt, cuts, etc. for vouchers, it will not be possible to purchase at the above purchase rate.

In order to buy a high price, we operate by individuals, keeping labor costs and company operating expenses as much as possible.

In order to reduce costs, the store is borrowed like a karaoke izakaya.

* There is no parking lot, so when you come by car,

Please use the paid coin parking in front of the store.

* At the time of purchase of 5,000 yen or more, we will bear the coin parking price.

* Please note that the coin parking price cannot be paid regardless of the contract amount regarding the purchase of cash vouchers.


Buying brewery

2 minutes walk from Tennodai Station north exit

1-13-36 Shibasaki-Odai, Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture

℡ 0471379444

Business hours 10:00-18:00

Regular holiday Saturday

[Purchase list]

* Please contact us for items that are not listed.

Gold Ingot K24 K22 K21.6 K20 K18 K14 K10 K9 Gold Currency Silver Coses

Platinum PT1000 PT950 PT900 PT850 Combination White Gold

Silver SV1000 SV950 SV925

Kihei Necklace Kihei Bracelet Golden Ring engagement Ring Ring Wating Ring

Jewel Diamond Mere Diamond Emerald Sapphire Ruby Pearl Pearl

Golden Cup Silver Cup

Branded product Vuitton Chanel Celine Gucci Versace Eve Saint Laurent

Rolex Omega Cartier Christian Dior Hermes Coach Bulgari

Fendi Prada Duppondodan Hill Givenchy Jean Paul Golchier

Burberry Kate Spade Furla Bruitling Tedle Seiko Casio

Citizen Moncler Armani Chrome Hearts A & G Gabor

Golden Memorial Stamp Ordinary Stamp Gift Certificate Shareholder Special Telephone Card Quo Card

JCB JTB Nice Gift Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos DC Gift UC Seven & Aeon

Beer Ticket Kinki Nippon Tourist Book Card Book Ticket Revenue Stamp National Department Store Common gift certificate

Old liquor shochu Western Sake Whiskey Brandy Shizu Kayadai Domperle XIIII

Napoleon Mori Izura Demon King Camnie Martin Hennessy Martel Dassai

14th Kubota Hakushu Yamazaki

Power tool tool Makita high cork Hitachi Ryobi Snap -on Panasonic Bosch

Fountain pen Montblanc Pilot Sailor Pelican Parker Seafar Waterman

Brand tableware Meissen Royal Copenhagen Baccarat Reardro wedgewood

Film Camera Digital Camera SLR SLR Dirty Leaker Nikon Cannon Sony

Olympus Pentax Minolta

Smartphone Docomo Softbank au Rakuten Mobile Y -Mobile iPhone White Rum Smartphone

Old coin Bank Chinese Stamp medal sword antiques jewelry accessories Western porcelain

Ceramic doll ZIPPO Designers Furniture Game Game Musical Instrument Books / Books

CD / DVD / Record / Cassette toy toy Tin Railway Model (KATO / TOMIX / Micro Ace)

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Will it be 10,000 yen? What is virtual currency ADA (Aidakoin/Cardano)? Owacon? terrible? Thorough explanation of future prospects, expectations and price trends!

Will it be 10,000 yen? What is virtual currency ADA (Aidakoin/Cardano)? Owacon? terrible? Thorough explanation of future prospects, expectations and price trends!

This article solves the questions of those who want to know more about Cardano (ADA).

* Reliability of this article

Investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks, foreign rates, etc., and the writer who has been trading for 10 years has written an article.

I have studied financial engineering and computer science at universities in the United States and have worked at a fintech company in Japan.

ADA/USD daily chart

Next, let’s take a closer look at the price trends of Aidacoin (ADA) since 2021. There was no significant price movement from January to February 2021, but the price increased sharply from February. You can analyze and analyze prices at the timing when the profit of bitcoin rises to the altcoin. After that, from March to mid -April, it was settled for adjustment, but Aidacoin also showed prices in accordance with the rapid rise of altcoin from May. After that, the price fell once, but in August 2021, it started to rise again and achieved the highest price of 305 yen. However, the price of Aidacoin began to fall gradually. And as of April 20, 2022, it is sold around ¥ 121.81. As you can see from the chart, the price of Aidacoin has risen several times recently.

Here, we will explain the soaring factors of the Aidcoin price. Cardano’s technology development is still going smoothly, and the release of “Daedalus3.3.0” has implemented voter registration functions. In addition, a function that allows new tokens and NFT to be issued with Cardano blockchain will be released. If technical development progresses in this way, it can be said that the price may continue to rise. On September 13, 2021, “Alonzo”, a large update, has been completed and has become a big topic. This update has added a smart contract function to the cardano, making it possible to build a distributed app (DAPP) mainly on Defi on the cardano. This update has received great expectations, and attention has been focused on future trends. GENE SIMMONS of KISS purchased a large amount of ADA on February 19, 2021 Gene Simmons, a member of the world’s popular American hard rock band “KISS”, said $ 300,000 (Approximately 30 million yen) I revealed that I purchased it on my Twitter account.

Purchasing cryptocurrencies in this way can be a trigger for prices. Aidacoin was not handled on cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. However, it ranks high in the popular cryptocurrency questionnaire conducted by multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and companies. In particular, it was a hot topic that the ADA was ranked first in the ranking (February 6 to February 12, 2021), which investigated the number of accesses to cryptocurrencies of “Coingenko JAPAN”. Finally, at the end of August 2021, handling at Bitpoint, a domestic cryptocurrency exchange, was started. From now on, I would like to explain in detail the expected and prospects of the growth of Aidacoin. Adacoin not only can be used when playing online casinos in Cardano, but also develop technical development such as blockchain 온라인슬롯 and smart contracts. Furthermore, the goal is “3 billion wallets”, and it is expected that it will be widespread in the future. In addition, if a casino bill is passed in Japan and the construction of casino facilities is realized, online casinos will be able to be dignified, so Aidacoin will become even more popular in Japan. Aidacoin has one after another with universities and large companies, such as the Tokyo University of Science Investing Management and Metapus Plus, a major mobile payment service in Korea. In this way, if the number of affiliated companies and universities will continue to increase, the price may increase. At the end of September 2021, the Cardano Summit 2021 announced that it had concluded a partnership with companies in various fields. The partnership with Dish Network, a US satellite broadcasting service company, and CHAINLINK, a distributed Oracle project, is particularly attracting much attention. Adacoin has been well known and credible worldwide, including the introduction of streaming, listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges overseas one after another, and ranking 7th in market rankings.

(As of February 13, 2022) The stake is locked the virtual currency on the virtual currency exchange, so that it is not allowed to move freely, it is approved by data, etc., instead of maintaining the Internet. By obtaining rewards, it works like a mining in bitcoin. It is said that Aidacoin’s stake can get about 6%of returns in a year, and it can be said that Adakoi is one of the reasons for Adakoi. In addition, there are many voices praising Adakin as a genius mathematician Charles Hopkinson, who was also involved in the development of Ethereum, who was also involved in the development of Ethereum. Cardano can be purchased at bit points. If you do not have a Japanese account yet, please check out the Bit Point official website and consider investing in Aidacoin. Click the image below to see the official website. You can see the Bit Point official website. In addition, if you register as a member from the link below, you will get up to 1,500 yen equivalent.