Brittney Griner’s cannabis use is normal in America. But Russia’s drug laws are ‘draconian.’

For as much as cannabis use, in its various forms, is accepted commercially and therapeutically in many parts of the United States, the rest of the world has yet to adopt similar views and laws.

Many countries will imprison a person for possessing THC products that are legal in the United States, Russian legal expert Jamison Firestone said.

“Russian drug laws are draconian,” Firestone told USA TODAY Sports. “But so are Saudi, Singaporean and Chinese laws.”.

This is what led to Brittney Griner’s arrest on Feb. 17 in Russia. The two-time gold medalist faces 10 years in jail on drug charges after border officials said they found “narcotics” while Griner passed through Sheremetyevo Airport. During Griner’s trial, which could end as early as this week, prosecutors argued she had approximately 0.7 grams of cannabis in vape cartridges. Griner pleaded guilty “without intent” and said she accidentally placed the cannabis in her luggage while packing quickly. The State Department classified Griner as “wrongfully detained” on May 3.

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