“Black / Crows -Roppongi Underground”

“Black / Crows -Roppongi Underground ~” (2022) Fuji TV (Kanto Local) Midnight Drama Before and after

The original draft is Journalist Yoichiro Akaishi, which is based on the real story.

Screenplay Yusuke Moriguchi (“Left Koki no Ellen”, “Revenge of the two Faces of Dragon”, “Kohaku”, etc.)

Director Sato

Yuta Koseki, Airi Matsui, Kanna Mori, Shingo Yanagisawa, Shingo Hagiwara, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Wataru Takasugi, Ryota Miura, Nobuo Kang (Kyonobuo), Junichi Tosaka, Reiya Masaki, Naoki Kawano, Ayaka Komatsu, etc.

Yasuki Kanzaki (Yuta Koseki), the manager of the dark casino “Ultra Violet”, who was a child, who was a child, was hit by someone, followed the culprit, and threw himself into the back society. He has inheritance or talent, and is the first dealer here. Because it is a basic squid, employee Waitress Ayumi (Kanna Mori) and Hiroto Miura (Kota Miura), a black clothing and dealer, are friends. One day, one day, Shiho (Airi Matsui), who was brought to an IT entrepreneur in a gala drinking flow, is fascinated by the exciting gambling and works as a waitress.

Motable in Baccarat, IT entrepreneurs, 크레이지슬롯 YouTuber, detective, half -grained, and former popular singers kept by a man and a man. Show it with a feeling of harassment. There is also a commentary on the game and the description. Then, the owner of “Ultra Violet” owner Makoto Otomo (Hagiwara Seito) smells a mystery … ends.

Well, I don’t know who killed Kanzaki’s father, so I wonder if there is a sequel. I guess it’s 2 hours in the front and rear part, so I guess I can go with a series drama. I guess it’s a trial.

Yuta Koseki, TV dramas, and movie works, with a character development like Haruaki Sugino, and after this, I hope to meet the role and break. I’m wearing an atmosphere with Kentaro Sakaguchi, but I can be an actor who can use it more … I think there are elements. I’m sorry.

It was relatively interesting, so I would like to sequence in about 6 episodes of 30 minutes in the midnight.


Yuta Koseki is tall, but it wasn’t very noticeable, so when I looked it up, Airi Matsui was 170 cm. Kanna Mori was also 168 cm. In addition, Yoshihiko Hakamada is also 180 cm, and even if Miura Gota is not 180 cm, the height is well balanced. Recently, many people are expensive.

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