All about Sisterhood: 5 things to know about new ‘X-Men’

"X-Men" No. 10.NOW begins a new story line involving the Arkea virus and the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants.

The female force of Marvel Comics’ X-Men has to fight a war on two fronts beginning today.

As part of the “All-New Marvel NOW!” Initiative, the comic book by writer Brian Wood begins a new story line with X-Men No. 10.NOW, which stars the best of the best when it comes to mutant heroines and also a rising group of femme fatales in the new Sisterhood of Evil Mutants.

Here are five things to watch for in the new issue:.

The Sisterhood’s going viral. The trio of Lady Deathstrike, Typhoid Mary and Amora the Enchantress have come together and are now on a mission to harness the power of Arkea, an alien virus renanimated in the body of Lady Deathstrike’s associate Reiko, to take over the world and destroy the X-Men. But is Arkea serving Lady Deathstrike, or the other way around?

Monet’s dead. Yep. For sure. The X-Men powerhouse was put down by an Enchantress smackdown after the female Thor foe got her powers back. But, death is usually just a minor inconvenience in the X-universe, and it is here, too: Monet dusts herself off and joins back up with Storm and Psylocke in the hunt for the Sisterhood.

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Romantic troubles. Arkea’s brother, the villainous John Sublime, had a fling with the X-Men’s Rachel Grey, and they have an emotional moment in the new issue. One’s a heroine, the other’s a bad guy, but can they work it out?

Beachfront warfare. Jubilee heads up a squad on Catalina Island, but they drew the short straw since they’re the first line of defense against the watery emergence of some of the biggest X-Men foes around.

A recruitment drive. Lady Deathstrike says it herself that the Sisterhood needs to grow, preferably with powerhouses. Even she’s left with mouth agape when she finds out who’s on Arkea’s wish list to join the club: a woman who has a longtime connection to X-Men continuity, and a member of one of the Marvel Universe’s most nefarious organizations.

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