A guest who was not invited to Monaco

It would have been nice to have visited Nice’s Chagall Museum or Matisis Museum, but the schedule was not allowed. We decided to take a bus and see Monaco. Monaco’s area is 2.2 km² and the population is about 40,000. Monaco is a city -state, and is the second narrow country in Europe and the sovereignty of the world after the Vatican city. Since 1297, it has been rushed by Grimaldie. In 1861, sovereignty was recognized by the French-Monaco Treaty. In 1918, a somewhat bloody treaty was signed that the last work was killed and merged with France when no one would inherit Monaco.

The way to take the bus from Nice to Monaco was the image of southern Europe. The cities are all made of ivory and yellowish clay walls and stones, creating a bright and bright atmosphere like a resort city. The trees and flowers that are all over the 슬롯머신 place are harmonious and irregularly stretched like a paradise. The Mediterranean Sea, which is far away, contains reflected sunlight like diamonds, making it sparkling.

The famous city Khan, famous for the film festival, had no time to look around and just passed by. Kando is a city that is a tourist city due to the nobility of the aristocrats and the Cannes Film Festival, but it is a city that stimulates the curiosity to visit at least once. We left behind and left Monaco, and we could realize that ‘Oh, this is the villa of the world’. The city itself is like a huge resort.

It was hard to find a sidewalk in the city. It was reminiscent of a resort that is hard to walk around without a car. Hundreds of hundreds of yachts were anchored, and luxury villas and resorts were densely occupied by Monaco’s land based on the Mediterranean. As a tourist city, the gambling industry developed, making it easy to find a brilliant casino. But as a student without money, we had to be satisfied with walking through the colorful buildings of Monaco. Nevertheless, Monaco’s ivory buildings and the terrace built towards the sea were able to walk as if they had all the Mediterraneans. The eyes of the Mediterranean Sea, which is facing Monaco, and the splendor of the architecture created by humans come to me at once. A woman wearing a suit and wearing a gorgeous hat on a terrace bench looking at the Mediterranean is spreading a crater. I wonder if it is her job or her hobby.

After plenty of hot and warm sea breeze in the Mediterranean Sea, I decided to eat at a restaurant with a sea view. I made a burger with French fries. I had a glass of wine. I tasted it, but I didn’t even know if this taste was right or not. No matter how much you look at the sea from Monaco is right. Burger was also quite delicious that the ingredients were alive.

The restaurant was on the beach, so there were some yachts around. A young blonde woman wearing white short pants is wiping the yacht hard. This is how young people like cleaning part -time jobs. Besides, yacht cleaning. The movie ‘Easy Girl’, which depicts the lives of young women in the background of French Cannes, comes to mind. I want to know more about the lives of young people living in a resort city.

Monaco from the observation deck was wonderful, and it was also a good way to walk on the beach where the yacht is anchored. However, surrounded by resorts and yachts, the heterogeneity is coming as if it fell out of place where it was not invited. In addition, Monaco is famous for the Monaco Grand Prix with the F1. I was able to see the circuit as I passed by, and this Monaco’s landscape was not realistic.

I walked to the bus to go back to Nice, and my legs hurt and entered the cafe. It was a colorful interior cafe selling cute ice cream. I was sitting on the terrace and I was able to go home quickly.


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