“5/27 Bunny Ibe”

Casino bunny event 👯♂️

On the first day, Renji -san Aoi -san Minato -san

Colorful rabbit

If you think it’s rather relaxed, the second half

I was messed up!

There were quite a few people who couldn’t talk …

The next story is so …


See you as promised Hapi

I’m glad I was 카지노사이트 able to drink with you without drinking this cute. Lock screen I love me too

I don’t think it’s a life of taking that amount of cheki at once (laughs).

And I was glad that the bromide was random and challenged and assigned me.

Did your friend enjoy the next day?

Thank you from a distance ~ ~


Rabbits are of course! The child who made a reservation and did a bromide challenge

I’m happy to see you regularly

Teach me about me 👍


Thank you for the food reed!

I was happy to eat all the limited menus …

Everything is delicious! ! ! ! !

It was fun to take a three -shot shot for the first time

It’s difficult to take a check, I laughed

Aoi’s blog emoticons are cute

I thought, but this cute rabbit and baby

When shooting, what is my makeup like this, but what is it? ? I lost the words the moment I saw Hiro -san …

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