10 feelings every procrastinating parent has right before Christmas

As parents and procrastinators prepare for Christmas, emotions run high. Credit: Getty Images

Call the ambulance. It is Dec. 23 and that is NOT. OK.

Only one more day until Christmas?!? And Christmas Eve barely counts. You know you’ll be starting your official celebrating then. We all do.

There’s still so much to do.

Your kids are all:.

And you’re just like:.

How on earth did it sneak up so quickly? And sure, you think you crossed everything off your list, but we all know that deep down you definitely forgot something.

So uh, you really shouldn’t be reading this, parents. But whatever, you already procrastinated this long. What’s a few more minutes?

Here are 10 emotions every last-minute parent is dealing with right now:

1. The “Let me run down the list again” feeling where you’re constantly reviewing your mental checklist, making sure you got everything. How the heck does Santa only check his list twice?

2. The “HECK YES, I did it!” Feeling when you purchase the last item on your list. Like, hopefully later today.

3. The “Why me” feeling when you remember you forgot your great aunt on your ex-step dad’s side, whom you’re technically not even related to anymore, but still keep in touch with and therefore feel obligated to give a gift.

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4. The “Are you kidding me?” Feeling, when your kids add new items to their lists that they’re DYING to have. Sorry, kids. The List. Is. Closed.

5. The “Sure, I’m not busy, I can run five million more errands” feeling when your partner asks you to go out and buy a random gift for the white elephant they forgot about.

6. The “heart-attack” feeling when you think you forgot the most important gift on the list, only to realize you, in fact, did remember and bought it way in advance three months ago and you’re actually fine.

7. The “Wait, what did I come here for, again?” Feeling when you walk into a store and can’t remember what gift you were supposed to be purchasing.

8. The “I’m going to die” feeling of desperation because you haven’t slept in a month and your bank account is bleeding.

9. The “We’re doing a cruise next year” feeling when you’ve decided the holidays are pure stress and are not worth it.

10. The “Wait, this might actually be worth it” feeling when you imagine your kids’ faces opening their presents and having fun on Christmas Day.


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