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Golden Triangle, Laos, Myanmar


The second day of the old Laos Kings Grand Hotel slept more comfortably than the first day. Thank you for the blessings of eating well and sleeping well during your trip, and solving your thoughts. Why is it a waste of $ 1 if you come out abroad … If you don’t have a penny in foreign countries, you may have a crisis situation right now, so you don’t want to be a patriot, but it’s embarrassing to spend money on others. At the same time, why do you raise fever on ostalist collections? Is it because of the desire to be mine? Is it because I wanted to feel the small sense of archeology, which was a childhood dream?

No, it seems to be greedy. I want to leave a trace that I have been, and I think it comes from the desire to remember and remember. Yes, I was originally greedy. I didn’t like to throw away from my childhood and liked to collect. I was especially interested in collecting old things. I don’t dare to say archeology, but it was good to hear them through them. I don’t even buy it anyway. As the number of tourists has increased, the price of the flea market has been raised in the flea market.

Short sketches before meals. I’m new to seeing the Mekong Golden Triangle, which I’ve been listening a lot and watching on TV. It is important for anyone to dream first. Dreams can be achieved just by dreaming. You have to share this.

The official name of Laos is “Laos People’s Democratic Republic.” It is the only inland country in Southeast Asia, which is bordered by Myanmar and China to the northwest and Cambodia to the south and Thailand to Thailand. The capital is Banian and there is Luang Prabang, famous for its resort. After a war between Vietnam and Thailand, he eventually belonged to Thailand’s control, and 사설홀덤사이트 was dominated by France during the Powers colonies.

France, who occupied the Mekong River for the purpose of trade with China, loses the charm of Laos over time and encourages opium to grown in the Laos highs. With opium monopoly rights, you will get a big source of income. The benefits of returning to the Laos people despite the enormous income. Except for some of the power, the people had no choice but to live in a frustrating life because they did not reinvest them. It is also dark today of Laos, which has lived without any investment for the future of the state. Laos has a land area twice as much as Korea, but the population is about 7 million, and due to difficult conditions, it is rented to other countries from 50 to 99 years. And Myanmines also smuggling. Laos, located inland inland, is the land of Al Bagi. Even if you don’t have power, you won’t be able to get it with a gun, but you might be a Chinese economic tribunal.

The Mekong River is the 13th longest river in the world and is about 4,020 km long. It is a 4,020km long river that originates from China and flows into the South China Sea via Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. In addition to logistics transportation, it is rich in fishing resources and quantities, and it plays an important role in the economy of Southeast Asia as a fertile land around the river. The guide explains the opium economy where the left side is Myanmar with a casino, and the yellow roof on the right is Laos. The reason why the Mekong river had to be yellowish mud water was probably because of the opium because of the breakdown of the lives and the tears of blood, stacked and stained, stained, and flesh.

The Golden Triangle region is also called a golden triangle, also known as a mountain triangle, which is a mountain in Mekong, where three countries in Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos are in the Mekong River. Afghanistan, Paki Star, and the Golden Crescent Road near the Iran border

https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%ED%99%A9%A9%EA%B8%88%EC%9D%98_%EC%82%BC%EA%B0%81%EC%A7%80%EB %8c%80

If you “Golden Triangle,” the drug emperor Kunsa will not be missed. If you look at the mid or young investigations, the drug is a regular menu that does not fall. Kunsa was a member of the Myanmar’s Shans, initially expanding his power by gathering the national party refugees and soldiers in China, who collided with the Thai army. He made a warlord by making great money with his opium cultivation and trafficking in the forest area, and he bought his weapons and went to the rebels and Myanmar governments. Later with the Shans, they fought for the independence movement of the Shans and continued to grow opium and trafficked.

Eventually, more than half of Heroin, who has become a social problem in the United States, is a trafficker in the region, and Kunsa is in danger of being removed from the world, such as the United States. Despite his opium’s popularity and adversely affects, he gained support from social investments, such as medical welfare for the Shans, with profits collected by drug trafficking. He lived well without assassination and died five years ago, and his children inherited enormous wealth and worked well. It is ironic compared to the miserable words of Latin American drug cartel, but I felt bitter thought that there might be optimal compromise. Like a compromise in the world where people live, I think there is a smooth and crooked straight line.

The guide talks about poppies for more than 30 minutes in the car. It is true that it has made a breakthrough change, such as changing human history as one of the world’s three major new drugs, penicillin, aspirin, and morphine. The seeds are blown and blown, and the entire affiliated poppy field is a poppy field. It is said to have spread more than 1 million tons per year in the middle of the sea. It was said that they entered the United States through the US soldiers who were dispatched during the Vietnam War, and the things that were forgotten for a while in the loneliness and pain suffering from other countries were eventually followed to their hometown. In the fall, even the beauty of seducing people even if it is an ornamental poppy that blows the scarlet flowers and blows the scarlet flowers.

It may be that the money earned by opium cultivation was spent as a reinvestment, but the persistent lives of the residents fell further. Those who live by working on labor each day takes opium to appease the hard body, and people are broken by opium poisoning. At the Opium Museum, the main features were terrible. No excuses, drugs are a tool that destroys people. Is it unacceptable even if you operate it and get one useful result in Bay? No one can deny that opium caused a lot of damage to Asia, especially due to the world history, especially the history of the era.

I came to Donsao Village, a special economic zone in Laos. I haven’t looked back on the whole, but it’s different from the duty -free shop where the duty -free shop is familiar. Many sundries were sold rather than Laos specialties. The group took pictures around and visited the village of Donsao.


It woke up early to see the Aboriginal market. At 5:30 am, the Aboriginal market is opened near the hotel. If you travel, you will learn well about each other. There are some things that you usually know, but you can see the daily life through the trip so that you can know it in a short time. The most important thing is to be more considerate. It is to learn to wait. This is because many parts that are not similar to each other have to be matched with understanding and waiting while together. This morning, rice porridge is fine. Eat two air and sweats. Even if you change your clothes in the humid and very hot weather, you get wet with sweat.

There were many people in the early morning market. In order to prepare for the morning distance, even though it is early dawn, there are some things, vegetables, chickens, and fruits that they have prepared. I remember the aunt who sold mangoes. 30 baht per kg? He bought one or two more to buy 100 baht. Dogs, people, and lives are turned around, and they are divided into unpleasant households. The market is not just an adult. There are many children. Some children have followed their parents, and some children sell something. It is powerful and hard to live. I want to hold anything to all of the children sitting.

The high rate of infant mortality in the Laos Myanmar is less hungry than the dry African continent, but because of the poor environmental factors, the immunity decreases, eats contaminated drinking water and suffers from all kinds of pests. In Cambodia, I saw children suffering from difficulties, and it was a pity for the children to be devastated by the greed of adults. It would be less like that on this trip, but it seems difficult.

There are many dogs of children. Dogs who wander around while eating grass also hover around the children. Mysteriously, no dog barks. And no dog avoids people. If you reach out, you will be able to approach and stroke yourself. Dogs are happier as they are underdeveloped countries. free. I don’t want to take it at all, but I noticed that there is nothing to be taken away. It’s not cold weather, so you may be able to live anywhere if you solve it in moderation. The guide is because of reincarnation. It is a reincarnation that anyone is reborn as another life after death, and thinks that the dog in front of him may have had a relationship with him in his previous life. Believing in reincarnation is their faith, but it is necessary for everyone to be abused even by wandering dogs.

After leaving Laos, they go to Myanmar through Taeguk. Regardless of the hot weather, one female employee, while “Mandy”, and our Koreans are hot and hard to endure. Wherever you go, there are few places that “fast” like our country.

Looking around three countries for a short schedule, it is hard to see any Han. It is also three countries in the Mekong River basin, so I only go to the city in the river basin for a while. If you come and live for a while, you can see more, but there may be economic differences, but Laos and Myanmar seemed to be similar.

Myanmar is a country that is known as Burma, and is a communist country that reminds me of Aungsan crisis, but it is a great country. Looking at the large temples painted with gold, we see the misrepresentation of the Myanmar people who offer offerings everywhere. Myanmar is also an economically difficult country like Laos. I remember the story of humorous expressions of why people in Southeast Asian countries live poorly. Because the climate is warm, the grain grows well, and there is a rich tropical fruit. Even if you don’t move diligently, your stomach is not as bad. It’s so hot and tired to work, so it’s rather a good rest to work.

There seems to be a religious effect. Most countries believe in Buddhism. I have a lot of sympathy and good heart with awe for life. I don’t enjoy it, and I don’t enjoy it with greed. Even if you lack in your hands, you can share it first. Even if it is poor, the happiness index is high, and it lives hard and does not take it hard. My Wumun was “Why is there a lot of poor countries in Dong -ah?”

Laos, a very well -known guide, and the history of Thai and their lives are not free at all. The guide also lives here for a long time and lives here with his own affection so that it is not wrong. It’s a short time for travelers who come and pass by, but it’s impressive to see them to inform their history. Even the guidance of any country did not come to guide from the beginning, but left the country with the blue dream of Cheongwoon, but many people were not hesitant. It was a life that would have been difficult, but rather than coming in. They are people who have courageously pioneered a new life. When I think about it in 2022, I think that their lives have suffered more than anyone else with the Corona Fan Demick for more than three years.

In the shaking car, *** of the group sings and sings. I need that courageous person. I couldn’t usually do it, but I want to show my own meal in a free environment. Protruding behaviors in a hard work may be stressful to others, but now it’s time to travel. There is a relaxation that can accept and consider anything. Life is just a trip. Why don’t you know that? I have to look back at myself with hard and hard neck. How good would it be to live calmly like a trip? Nagasu sang well. He plays the accompaniment he recorded, and he sings the song of Titanic and Whitney Houston. It was a pro that it was recorded by recording accompaniment.

Yes, people live in their own taste and have their own talents. So, if that’s right, who would be “yes.” As they have similar eyes, all are similar. So no one should say to anyone, and you should not think better and less. Are we not the same human being?

Nagasu is so excited to sing, the car rattles, heads to Chiang Mai, and the scole is just out of the car window. Peaceful. Next week, I will miss this scenery. Nagasu also has a testimony that has lived. That person has experienced a change in his own way. Everyone wants to make a breakthrough change once, but most of the people who live without feeling passing, as if they suffer from light measles. That is us. I shout that I wanted to be different, but I don’t know how to be different. I think there will always be tomorrow. But if I don’t make it, there is no tomorrow. You have to get up and challenge.

There are few traffic lights that look outside the car window and traffic lights here. I rarely saw it. It means to go and cross. The guide is a backward country, but it may be due to nationality with strong attachment and greed for everything. I am relieved to be clear and just falling. It is said that if you work for a ten hours a day at the casino in Laos, you will receive 4,000 won. Can our happiness index, which earns 40,000 won more, is higher than them? If everyone pursues a lot, but does not accept the responsibility and duty of the person, the pain of the person will be great. Sometimes it is also a fate of those who are overwhelmed by mine. I think so, I would like to be happy to thank you for the small things in my hands and to know the joy of living and living.

I came to Chiang Mai by bus for four hours. After dinner, I saw a shopping center next to the hotel. It was a big shopping center, so there was a restaurant, clothing, industrial products and food vegetable fruit corners. It’s a shopping center like a department store, so I looked around and the price was not very cheap. I bought some Thai sweets to give adults. In Southeast Asia, even a small amount of money seems to be more valuable. From Laos to Thailand, I am grateful for a diligent day in a strange place.


Handel’s opera linal is also a “lascia ch’io pianga” in the voice of Soprano “Jo Sumi”